Black Adam release date, cast, plot, trailers, news, and everything you need to know

Fans want to see it first black adam exist Shazam! In 2019, but antiheroes remain elusive.Over the years, rumors have circulated, including whispers Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson A supercharged superhero will be played, but news has been sparse.Finally, they announced black adam will be an independent Shazam! get rid of.

Now Batman Released and introduced the DC Universe in its entirety, interest in other upcoming DC movies has risen, and black adam Back in the spotlight.

black adam first appeared in [MarvelFamily#1in1945[1945年的漫威家族#1 From Fawcett Comics. He was supposed to be a one-time villain, dying and fading off the stage, but his story served as the perfect precursor to his re-emergence in later comic books, taking him from cameo villain to mortal enemy.

In the comic books, Black Adam appears billions of years before the event Shazam! This Wizard Shazam A successor is being sought to protect ancient Egypt.wizard discovers Adam in the fictional Kondakhe then went on to give Tesla Adam similar powers Shazam. The main difference is that Adam drew his powers from the ancient Egyptian gods.

Teth Adam befriends other entities and supernatural forces, but after his home is destroyed Ahtonwho owns Ball of Ra, he lost control and went crazy. This destruction forced the wizard to trap him in the scarab until modern times.

black adam Release Date: When will the movie be released?

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Black Adam and his sons

latest release date black adam turn on October 21, 2022.

There were delays in the production of the film. It was originally set to come out in December 2021, but production was affected by the pandemic.When they resume production, the first expected release date is July 29, 2022but that date has been pushed back, hopefully for the last time.

black adam Actors: Who will play the heroes and villains in the movie?

Credit: DC

Black Adam is blessed by the wizard Shazam

black adam The star-studded cast is ready to bring this film to life.

Dwayne “rock” Johnson’s role in Black Adam and Shazam! he said he prefers black adam Because of his rebellious character. Johnson is a famous wrestler from WWE who performs alongside other wrestlers turned actors such as John Cena.

we will also see Noah Centinho (famous for his role in the movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”) Albert Rothstein or Atomic Crusher. Aldis Hodge will play Carter Hallaka Eaglemanalthough Quintessa Swindell will play cyclone. Pierce Brosnanthe former James Bond will star Doctor Fate.

Apart from these actors, Sarah Shahi will act as Adriana ThomasBlack Adam’s potential love interest, if we follow the story in the comics.

black adam Crew: Who is the creator behind the scenes?

Credit: DC

capture black adam

Rory Haynes, Sohrab Nosilwaniand Adam Stekyr for black adam. Jaume Collet-Serradirector orphan and wax museumwhich dominated the film.

black adam Plot: What happens in the movie?

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Dwayne Johnson is Black Adam

black adam will be a sequel Shazam! exist Shazam!, Billy learns of an ancient warrior who possesses the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Zeus, the strength of Hercules, the courage of Achilles, the stamina of Atlas, and the speed of Mercury. The hero betrayed what he was fighting for and destroyed a civilization.

DC released the following synopsis:

Nearly 5,000 years after he was given the all-powerful power of the Egyptian gods – and imprisoned just as quickly – black adam (Dawn Johnson) is freed from his earthly grave and ready to unleash his unique form of justice in the modern world.

Other details about the film are well preserved.

DC has been keeping up the brand with its latest release, opting for darker themes and more brutal sequences.we can expect the same black adam.

black adam Trailer: Is there a trailer black adam?

DC releases first trailer black adam superior August 23, 2020. The trailer is short and vague, focusing only on the important plot points that drive the story forward. However, the trailer still managed to generate interest, making fans even more anticipating the movie’s release.

Watch the trailer here:

Warner Bros. released the first official trailer for the film on June 8, 2022. Watch the trailer here:

where to watch black adam: Where can I watch this DC movie?

Credit: DC

No one can stand in the way of Black Adam

black adam It will be shown in theaters after its release.Once its theatrical period is over and the partnership with the streaming service is complete, we can watch black adam On Netflix, HBO, Amazon Premium, and more

black adam It has the potential to change the way superheroes are made. This antihero might just be the new perspective we need.

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