Best settings for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Phone is a full-fledged featured version of the hit battle royale game built for anytime, anywhere. In addition to a high-quality game, the developers wanted to make sure the version was as accessible and customizable as the console and PC versions.

Apex Legends Phone Provides a set of settings that make the settings menu of most mobile games look like a joke. You have more options than just adjusting the volume settings, in fact, there’s a lot you can do to make this version of the game as comfortable and fun as it is on console or PC. But unless you can easily adjust these settings and you know what you’re doing, it’s also a challenge to get the game to run as well as possible.If you’re a little lost but want to make the most of Apex Legends PhoneThis is the best setting to change.

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Best Display Settings in Apex Legends Mobile

While not quite at the level of PC gaming, Apex Legends Phone There are indeed a surprising number of graphics settings that you can tweak to change how the game looks and performs. These can and should be adjusted based on two main factors: the capabilities of your specific mobile device and your preferences. Two of the biggest factors will be graphics level and frame rate. Apex Legends Phone You will be given recommended settings for both, but they are not always the best or necessary.

for graphics quality, Unless you just play the game casually and don’t particularly care about the actual performance, Smooth is the setting we found to work best. If you own a top-of-the-line phone and think the game looks a little unappealing at this level, you can try taking it up a level or two, but be aware that this can result in some dropped frames.

Speaking of frames, set that level to the highest level available to your mobile device, whatever super, very high, or else High, as many frames as possible.If you are running the graph on Smooth, You can even achieve the smooth 60 frames per second that top players will no doubt aim for. Frames should be your main priority in games like this, so adjust this setting right away anyway.If you want to see how high you can push the graph while maintaining the frame, turn on show FPS Toggle to indicate the number of frames you run when playing and experimenting.

adaptive smoothing Should be left in to help smooth out any stuttering that may arise.

As for the two POV settings, FPP and Trans-Pacific Partnership, increase both values ​​to 110. This is considered the “best” FOV because it gives you a lot of visual perception, which is especially important on smaller screens, but doesn’t stretch and distort your image. However, if you have motion sickness, you may need to step back to not get sick.

The last option on this screen is a number of settings graphic styles you can choose from.Don’t bother with these – keep it on classic. Others are a jumble of color saturation and filters, which might look cool, but most likely just make the game harder to read and slow down your reaction time.

inside advanced settings In the menu, there are also three very important performance settings to view, and we recommend turning all of them off to squeeze the most frames possible.these are dynamic shadows, reflection qualityand character halo. All of these are huge performance hogs and will slow down your frame rate, so turn them all off. In the heat of the fire, you won’t care how good the shadows look anyway. Just keep antialiasing as well.

Best Game Settings in Apex Legends Mobile

Advanced settings in Apex Legends Mobile.

Your game settings can complicate all the options available. These are the best settings we use when playing games. Try this setup for yourself, but feel free to use it as a baseline and tweak it to your liking from here, especially if you’re gaming with touch controls rather than controllers.

  • Auto ignition: off
  • Left fire button: On
  • One-Click ADS and Fire: Off
  • Bolt Action Sniper Mode: Tap to Fire
  • Semi-Auto Shotgun Mode: Tap to fire
  • ADS Mode: Hold
  • ADS button to rotate camera: off
  • Aim Assist: On
  • TPP optics: classic
  • Automatic door opening: open
  • Automatic unpacking: open
  • Airtime Weapon Auto Cycle: On
  • Continuous Throwing: On
  • Tactical skill release method: classic
  • Ultimate Use: Classic
  • Allow teammate control when offline: off
  • Joystick Triggered Auto Run: On
  • Crouch Control: Click
  • Ski Jump Control: Classic
  • Rotate camera with crouch button: On
  • Rotate camera using jump buttons: On
  • Climb Control Mode: Classic
  • Climbing Tips: Close
  • Zipline Button Settings: Display
  • Zipline Mode: Click
  • Vertical Zipline Interaction Button: On
  • Vertical zipline direction prompt: On
  • Automatically open vertical ziplines: off
  • Auxiliary Zipline Floor Landing: Off
  • Linkage Sensitivity Adjustment: Off
  • FPS without ADS
    • Aim: 200%
    • Shooting: 60%
  • TPP without ADS
  • Iron Sights 1x Optical ADS
    • Aim: 45%
    • Shots: 45%
  • 2x Optical ADS
    • Aim: 36%
    • Shooting percentage: 36%
  • 3x Optical ADS
    • Aim: 26%
    • Shooting: 26%
  • 4x Optical ADS
    • Aim: 24%
    • Shooting: 24%
  • 6x Optical ADS
    • Aim: 18%
    • Shooting: 18%
  • 8x Optical ADS
    • Aim: 14%
    • Shooting: 14%
  • Auto Pickup: On
  • When the pickup list is closed, stop automatic pickups: OFF
  • Hide pickup list during combat: ON
  • Auto Pickup Interval: Short
  • Press and hold to toggle interval: short

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