Best Pierce Brosnan Movies, Ranked

Pierce Brosnan is a very popular actor who has been involved in various films and genres throughout his career. He has starred in nearly 70 films so far, and it doesn’t seem like he’s going to stop anytime soon. Of course, his career truly entered the stratosphere when he took on the James Bond role, and his films became important to the James Bond legacy. While action movies are definitely part of his usual repertoire, you can also find him in romantic comedies, murder mysteries and even dramas.

While his legacy is often that of a hero, serving as Bond in four films, Brosnan recently became the villain of an upcoming DC movie black adam. He will play Doctor Destiny alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the titular hero. Based on the rave reviews the actors have given him, we can expect a lot to come from his performance, and the film is sure to be full of thrilling action.While we wait for the release black adam Still, check out some of the best movies he’s played in his entire career.

8 Mamma Mia!

exist Mamma Mia!, Sophie Sheridan invited three men to her wedding who were her mother’s past lovers. She never knew her father, but from her mother’s diaries it was certain that it was one of the three men. All she wanted was for her father to send her out at the altar, and she believed that once she got to know them, she would know which was her father.

However, she didn’t tell her mother before they arrived for the wedding, and when Sophie tried to figure this out, problems started to arise, and her mother had conflicting feelings about seeing either of them again. Brosnan plays Sam, possibly one of three of Sophie’s father. While a lot of people (including himself) seem to agree that his singing isn’t the best, his performance more than makes up for it, as he unabashedly and charmingly takes on the role of a sudden new father.

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7 Tomorrow is a new day

Brosnan’s second James Bond film, Tomorrow is a new day It’s about stopping the war between Britain and China. Elliot Carver, the owner of a media company, has been illegally provoking a UK-China conflict so that his allies can take over China, which will give him control of Chinese media for at least the next century. Bond is sent to investigate what happened before Carver’s newspaper coverage of MI6’s discovery, and now he must figure out and stop Carver’s plan to help prevent war.

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Critics found the action sequences exciting, and of course, they would never have been the same without Brosnan. As his second Bond film, Brosnan said he still fully understands the character’s nuances and helps bring personality to the action film, adding to its sensuality and smooth handling of each scene.

6 Evelyn

Based on a true story, Evelyn is an Irish drama about a father trying to regain custody of his child. The children were left behind in a struggling family when Desmond Doyle’s wife left him, Doyle was an alcoholic and unemployed. When the situation was reported, his children were taken from him and sent to an orphanage. While he initially had little hope of getting the kids back, he slowly turned his life around and turned it around so he could bring his case back to court and try to get his kids back in his life again reunion under the roof.

Brosnan, who plays Doyle in this film, once again stepped into the father role without a problem. There are so many sides to Doyle’s character, who struggles to change his life and clearly cares about children, and Brosnan balances the role perfectly by making sure they’re not hidden at any point in the film.

5 Thomas Crown Incident

Thomas Crown Incident is a remake of the film of the same name, and Brosnan is a surprisingly good replacement for the original legend Steve McQueen. Billionaire criminal Thomas Crown stole a painting from a museum with no problems at first. However, he repeatedly donated one to temporarily fill the space in the wall, making insurance investigators suspicious of him.

Now they’re both trying to outsmart each other as he tries to avoid getting caught when she tries to catch him. As they do, they slowly start to fall in love. Brosnan’s portrayal of Thomas Crown in this film perfectly portrays the character of an arrogant billionaire who tries to pretend he’s done nothing wrong. He brings the character to life in a way no one else can and really ties the story together.

4 matador

exist matador, two unlikely men meet at a hotel bar in Mexico City – Danny Wright (a likable Greg Kinnear), a hapless businessman, is looking for something to help him As the career developed, there was also an assassin Julian Noble, with whom he began to work with his weight. They make an unlikely pair of friends as they confide in each other about their struggles, and eventually Julian convinces Danny to help him with one last job he can’t do alone so he can finally retire to Greece. Brosnan plays Julian in this film, hilariously and tenderly balancing the character’s jaded killer side with his regret and panic about killing other people. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his role.

3 Madame Suspicious

Madame Suspicious It’s about voice actor Daniel Hillard and his family. He was loyal to the children, but his wife Miranda considered him unreliable, especially after he resigned over disagreements, and she filed for divorce. The court granted her sole custody, but gave her three months to get a house and a steady job if Hillard wanted joint custody.

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When he finds out that Miranda is looking for a housekeeper, he decides to use his voice acting and special make-up to pretend to be Mrs. Fire, and play the role himself, approaching the children again. Brosnan plays Miranda’s divorced boyfriend Stu Dunmeyer. While he may be a minor character, when we see him, he’s incredible, showing that he’s not trying to impose on children, but still treats them like his own.

2 golden eye

The film that really propelled Brosnan’s career was golden eye. This James Bond film, Brosnan’s first, follows Bond fighting Russia during and after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After trying to prevent the theft of the attack helicopter, MI6 tracked the helicopter, only to watch it and other fighter jets being destroyed by a strong electromagnetic pulse.

Bond was sent to investigate after determining that the pulse came from a weapon called the GoldenEye, a Soviet satellite equipped with a nuclear electromagnetic pulse. Now the spies must find the culprit and end their operation before they can use the pulse to deal more damage. Brosnan took on the role of Bond that several actors had played before him, and brought him to life in his own unique way, while still making him recognizable to fans of the franchise.

1 ghost writer

ghost writer is a political drama about hiring ghostwriters to complete the autobiography of former British Prime Minister Adam Long. A ghostwriter is someone who wrote something but didn’t get credit for it. Former ghostwriter Mike McAra found dead; newcomer (a terrific Ewan McGregor) quickly discovers why Ron is suddenly convicted of possible terrorism when he discovers McAra’s secret letter be investigated for conduct. The current ghostwriter is approaching McCalla’s people and trying to avoid his own murder. Brosnan plays Adam Lang, who brings his own twists to the potentially corrupt politician but still helps the character act like the real Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was Lang’s inspiration. It’s a charming but crafty show.

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