Ben Shapiro and Jordan B. Peterson dubbed ‘intellectual lightweights’ by outspoken Lakers legend

The National Basketball Association (NBA) may be one of the most culturally influential sports leagues in the world. Not only because of its flawless marketing prowess or higher-than-life production value, but also because its top stars are often very outspoken on matters of national and international importance. One such basketball prodigy is Lakers and Milwaukee Bucks legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

After dominating NBA courts for nearly 15 years (1975-1989), Kareem realized the importance of his voice to the nation’s voice. As one of the torchbearers of the “Showtime Lakers Era”, Karim’s popularity is only comparable to a few people. So he uses his platform to speak out on America’s most pressing social issues, whether it’s race or gender.


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Recently, Kareem decided to weigh in on the emerging trend of YouTube news influencers that are rapidly gaining popularity. These include popular conservative commentators such as Ben Shapiro, Jordan B. Peterson and Dennis Prager.

Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar offended by strongly worded title in Ben Shapiro video

The NBA legend put Ben Shapiro on task in his blog post, dubbed the “Kareem substack,” which has grown in popularity for his unfiltered take on all things under the sun. His “offensive” headline in a YouTube video aimed at the founder of The Daily Telegraph, in Kareem’s view, is not conducive to the open exchange of ideas. As an example, “Ben Shapiro destroyed Megan Rapinoe and the gender pay gap.”

Speaking of Shapiro, Karim wrote,

“The aggressiveness of these titles does not imply that someone wants a public scrutiny of ideas, but someone who hunts game, guts and cooks in anger. Then stands on the gnawed bone and beats his chest in triumph. Ben Shapiro Destroys Rabbit!! (And turns it into a stew!)

“It’s an unintentionally fun carnival sideshow: watch savages blister, stomp, and scold. Fun for the whole family.”

Taking his argument further, Karim called out other such commentators, calling them “clown cars” and “intellectual lightweights.”

“Shapiro is probably worse than the clown car of conservative commentators, including intellectual lightweights like Steven Crowder, Dennis Prager and Jordan B Peterson, because his audience is not only huge (as they are), and because it includes those who sincerely seek answers.”

the other side of the story

While Shapiro did not directly respond to Kareem’s comments, he has vigorously defended his news brand in the past.

When it comes to sports, Shapiro’s Daily Telegraph has hired Allison Williams, who resigned from ESPN due to reservations about taking a coronavirus vaccine. This is just one example of Shapiro’s claimed attempt to build a “counter-narrative.”


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In fact, The Daily Telegraph mentions on its About page that it is one of the largest podcasts in the country and is able to become self-funding within 14 months. Needless to say, like Kareem, Shapiro’s views have strong support from parts of the population.

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Regardless, both Kareem and Shapiro will continue to articulate their views on society for years to come. As Kareem’s substack gets stronger, he may soon be able to reach as many people as Shapiro.

For readers, it will only generate more diverse perspectives, which will also help them shape their own views of the country.

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