John Daly misses promotion but has quite a week

Tulsa, Oklahoma — When John Daly won the 1991 PGA Championship at Crooked Stick near Indianapolis, he was the ninth substitute to a man who was struck by lightning during the game. The family of the audience donated $30,000. At the 2022 PGA Championship in South Hills, Daly reportedly donated $30,000 to the local casino … Read more

Hidden gem: Dominic Barlow has tantalizing potential late in the draft

Potential sales in the NBA draft. In the NBA draft, it is impossible to determine the mentality in every war room. As shown in each draft, the curve ball is part of the program. A recent trend – when teams go all out, potential sales.Last season, the San Antonio Spurs Josh Primo late in the … Read more

Out of nowhere, Bubba Watson ties PGA Championship scoring record with 63

TULSA, Oklahoma — How do you shoot a 63 in a major? If you were Bubba Watson, you’d switch drivers and get lucky on the greens — at least that’s how the two-time Masters champion explained his record-setting second-round performance at the PGA Championship. In 1982, Raymond Floyd shot a 7-under 63 in the first … Read more

2022 Memorial Championship Leaderboard: Billy Horscher soars to 5-shot lead with 65 in 3rd round

In the blink of an eye, Billy Horschel shot himself to the top of the leaderboard Saturday at the 2022 Memorial Championship. Continuing his footsteps from there, the Florida product will now take a five-shot lead heading into the final round at Muirfield Village. Starting today, after Cameron Smith had a two-shot lead on the … Read more

ESPN’s ‘perfect’ NBA mock draft: San Antonio Spurs get elite size and athleticism

You have a better chance of winning the jackpot lottery than guessing the four picks the San Antonio Spurs will make in the June 23 2022 NBA draft. This is a front office that has been unpredictable for years. But ESPN decided to give it a shot anyway, releasing the Spurs’ “perfect” draft proposal on … Read more

Warriors defensive tweaks need to slow Celtics down

Boston’s Defense vs. Golden State’s Offense The much-anticipated heavyweight basketball fans can’t wait to see these NBA Finals coming. But in Game 1, the Celtics’ scoring onslaught stole the show. Boston, which has scored 129 points per 100 possessions, has scored just once in the playoffs (Game 2 against the Heat) and has only 11 … Read more

Twitch and YouTube. Which is the best streamer for beginners? – Entertainment Focus

Streaming is big business, with millions of people watching online stars play their favorite games every day. For those lucky few who manage to build and maintain an audience, millions of dollars can be earned. In a recently leaked Twitch earnings report, the Influencer Marketing Center reported that streamer PewDiePie was making an estimated $40 … Read more