Apex Legends’ recent characters feel like variations on older characters

every new season Apex Legends Gives players a lot of expectations. New game modes, weapons, maps and lore offer something fresh, while updates to existing content breathe new life into the familiar. Hero Shooter Battle Royale has been in constant flux since it first launched in February 2019, and thanks to its massive player base and loyal fans, it shows no signs of stopping.

Every season has its ups and downs, but lately, Apex Legends‘ The new playable characters seem to be pulled from the old ones. It’s not about their backstories, character designs or voices, it’s their abilities in the game. A character’s outfit is critical to determining their playability, pick rate, and overall fun factor; so it goes without saying that it should be unique.In a game with as many playable characters as possible, personality matters Apex Legendsand taking too many clues from other characters can diminish the uniqueness of that particular lore.

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Apex Legends: Borrowing old stuff

A saga of similar abilities seems to begin with Apex Legends‘The Eighteenth Legend, Prophet.All of the Prophet’s abilities borrow heavily from the Bloodhound’s abilities – one of Apex Legends‘ Default playable character. The Prophet’s focused tactical ability can reveal enemies for him and his allies through walls, much like the Bloodhound’s Godfather’s Eye. His Heart Seeker passive gives him the approximate location of his opponent through the heartbeat they project – this tracking ability is similar to Bloodhound’s Tracker passive, which allows them to determine the opponent’s location based on clues.

The Prophet’s Show Ultimate ability shows the location of all moving and shooting enemies within a given area, providing an alternative to the Bloodhound’s Hunting Beast ultimate – which increases their scan speed and allows them to follow cold tracks.

The Prophet is the epitome of a legend whose outfit is directly inspired by another character. Although he uses his abilities differently, their effects are mostly the same. This makes Seer’s abilities feel less unique and more iterative than Bloodhound’s toolkit. For example, the Prophet’s Concentration creates a distinct cylindrical area of ​​effect before activating, while the Hound’s All-Seeing Eye has no indicators. The Prophet has a much lower pick rate than the Bloodhound due to similar abilities and obvious counter-attacks.

Apex Legends: New Doesn’t Mean Better

Other more recent legends don’t copy their predecessors like the prophets do, but they do draw inspiration from them. Ash’s Phase Breach ult is taken directly from Wraith’s Dimensional Rift, although it comes out faster, doesn’t last as long, and is a one-way portal. Even the newly released Newcastle has a kit that pays homage to different legends multiple times. His Mobile Shield tactic is a smaller, mobile version of Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection Ultimate, while his Castle Wall is a more powerful version of Rampart’s Amped Cover without the amped segment. More legendary means more options, but it also means that some legendary abilities are bound to overlap.

That’s not to say Respawn Entertainment has run out of ideas. Valkyrie is a good example of a unique legend whose abilities make her stand out from the rest Apex Legends register. Thanks to her flying abilities, stun abilities, and ability to reposition squads, she quickly became one of the most-played legends, and even a meta-choice for casual and ranked games. However, on the other hand, there are characters like Mad Maggie – her low pick rate can be attributed to her ability not to work well with others. Both Valkyrie and Mad Maggie proved that players welcomed legendary characters with unique abilities, but they had to be fun to play and bring something useful to the table to be more widely accepted.

There’s nothing wrong with having a legend draw inspiration from a character from the past, as long as their abilities play into that character. Seer’s abilities may seem gimmicky compared to Bloodhound, but they dovetail with the legend of his use of tiny drones to locate opponents. For Respawn Entertainment to create a legend with an ability that is more beloved by the community, it must balance the uniqueness of the ability with its utility. This way, players will have a whole new experience when playing new legends.

Apex Legends Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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