Apex Legends Mobile – Perk System Explained

It’s been a big month for Respawn and EA’s shooter, Apex Legends. The mainline game has just started its 13th season with the addition of the newest legend, Newcastle, a formidable defensive role with enough tools to keep the squad alive. Additionally, the Storm Point map has been updated with new points of interest, where players can use a custom matchmaking system and begin their journey through the all-new Battle Pass.

However Apex Legends The mobile game is also available for iOS and Android devices, bringing a battle royale experience to people on the go. The mobile game has a few differences from its console and PC brethren, including a smaller roster of characters and exclusive game modes. The mobile version even has a brand new character called Fade, a changeable character that can manipulate time by rewinding it, as well as phase-shift all nearby players.

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one of the bigger changes Apex Legends Phone From the console and PC version is a perk system. This system will definitely change the pace for new players and veterans alike, so here’s what it does and how to use it effectively.

What is the Apex Legends Perk System?

perk system inside Apex Legends A mobile version that allows players to essentially unlock tokens to spend on each character’s perk tree.Players can find the perk tree under the Legends tab in the main menu Apex Legends, but it’s worth noting that the feature first needs to be unlocked by playing a few games. Each legendary tree contains unlockable perks, finishers and abilities, as well as cosmetic items that allow players to further customize the character’s appearance.

After unlocking the Perk system, players will earn 1 token by playing and leveling up specific characters. Keep in mind that these tokens cannot be used for any character, as unlocked tokens are tied to the character they earned. The perks also get more expensive the further down the player goes, although the rewards are arguably better.

How does it work?

As players spend their tokens and delve into each legend’s specific perk tree, they’ll start unlocking new options, including different perks, finishers, and abilities.Perks are essentially passive bonuses similar to what players will find call-of-duty multiplayer game. Terminator perks give players an additional boost after taking down a downed enemy, while skill perks trigger when the player activates a character’s tactics (like Octane’s Stim or Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook).

Remember, a character can only have a certain amount of gear equipped at a time, which is 1 Terminator, 1 Ability, and then 3 Perks. However, players can create multiple add-ons to switch between and help their characters feel different from other players’ versions. Additionally, some of these perks have passive abilities such as Bloodhound’s Execution, called Nourishing the Loser, which restores all shields and 30 HP after using the Terminator on a downed enemy.

Apex Legends Phone Now available on Android and iOS devices.

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