Apex Legends Mobile: New Legend Fade highlights small-screen gameplay

Apex Legends mobile Its designers say it’s a completely separate game.That doesn’t mean it’s a complete different game.

Respawn Entertainment hopes players will find enough familiarity on the smaller Android and iOS screens, but Apex Legends Phone No progress, seasons, inventory, or anything else will be shared with the flagship console version.

The studio had announced back in April that it would not be in Apex Legends‘ Mobile and console/PC crowds. But in a preview showcase two weeks ago, senior product director Myke Hoff Apex Legends Mobile, Emphasizing that this version is specifically designed for small-screen devices, if nothing else, gives seasoned players a chance to start over in Apex Games.

“That means we’ll have a different patch rhythm, different themes and events, changing rankings [play] and countless new features,” Hough said.

Importantly, controller support on mobile is “very important to us,” Hough says, but it’s still incomplete Apex Legends Mobile’s Launched on May 17. “While we are actively exploring it, it is a [feature] We’re not quite right yet,” Hough said. “We’re continuing to develop against it, and players can expect to see it in the near future.We really wish we could put it in right away, but [we] Not too happy with the level of polish and testing we knocked out. “

Unique maximum functionality Apex Legends Phone Fans have been speculating since the game’s limited regional release began in early March: There’s a new Legendary, Fade, that you can only play in Apex Legends Phone.

Image: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Game design director Jordan Patz said Fade was designed for mobile gaming. “The lessons we learned from bringing PC Legends to mobile, we used them to create a Legend that leaned toward what we thought was the best part of the mobile game,” Patz said.

Fade is a variant of Wraith, one of the game’s most popular legends since its launch in 2019 (also available at Apex Legends Phone). “He’s an aggressive mobile suit who wears a suit based on the same technology as Wraith,” Patz said.

Fade’s passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities lean toward a fast-paced playstyle, which Respawn thinks will suit the mobile version of their game. The passive ability Slipstream allows Fade to move faster for a short period of time after performing a slide. “It gives players a way to try out advanced moves top notch Slide jumping, a key skill we want to teach mobile players,” Patz said.

The tactical ability, called flashback, lets Fade “reset himself to a certain point early in the encounter,” Patz said. “This ability was created to give lower-skilled players an emergency pull-rope to get out of a bad situation and be more tolerant of risky play.” More skilled players may use the flashback design, Patz said. ways to “deceive the enemy, confuse them, or even set up an ambush”.

The ultimate ability “phase room” can be both offensive and defensive, Patz said. Fade throws a throwable that explodes, pushing anyone within the blast into a phase space where they can’t deal or receive damage. “This feature is designed to help prevent bad situations by allowing Fade to avoid third parties [PvP] Scenarios, or temporarily isolate individual squad members, pick teams,” says Patz. Fade “can also use it on his own teams to temporarily keep them out of danger. “Fade gains a movement speed bonus when affected by the bomb’s phase-space burst.

Apex Legends Phone Players have 9 other Legends (21 in total) in the main game’s roster to play at launch: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Corrosive, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Phantom, Octane, Pathfinder, and Ghost. Newcastle, the newest legend, with Season 13 kicking off on May 10, is not among them.

During the preview event, Respawn’s designers referred to Fade as a “mobile-first legend” — suggesting there will be other legends to come — meaning the character could appear in console and PC games at a later date. “Playing games on our phones is a little different than playing games on consoles or PCs,” Hough said. “Having the mobile version of Legends is important to us because it allows us to create something unique for players and really highlight how they interact with games that may be different.”

Patz said the new mobile and HD legend depictions allow Respawn to “surprise and delight the players who come into our games. If we just keep bringing in HD legends, which one are we going to do next,” he reasoned. “We want to keep players excited about the new content coming, not just [existing] We have to choose what to import. “

Apex Legends Phone There will be a standard battle royale mode, including three-person squads and up to 60 players; and Arenas, a smaller, turn-based 3-on-3 game that launched a year ago, season 9 of the main game. It will also feature a mobile-exclusive 6v6 team deathmatch mode with two variants, Clash and Deathmatch, which determine where downed players respawn. In deathmatch, killed players respawn at random points near teammates. In Clash, they spawn in their own base.

Battle Royale is playable on the World’s Edge map; Arenas are playable on Thermal Station, Artillery, and Overflow. Team Deathmatch is playable on Thermal Station, Artillery and Skull Town (destroyed in season 5 of the main game), while Clash is playable on Artillery, Overflow and Market.

Apex Legends Phone Season 1 begins Tuesday, May 17 for Android and iOS devices, and is available through Google Play and the iOS App Store marketplace.

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