Apex Legend Mobile Getting Started Guide

If you’re new to Apex Legends Mobile and don’t know where to start, Android Police can help. We’ve compiled a guide that teaches players how to survive their first battle royale match, introduces the game’s legends (characters), and outlines the features/game modes available at launch.

So if you’ve seen our hands-on experience with the stable release and are interested in exploring the latest and greatest mobile battle royale game, now that Apex Legends Mobile has officially launched globally, it’s time for your first jumps.

getting Started

After installing the Apex Legends Mobile Android app, you need to complete a few steps to get to the tutorial. The first step involves verifying your age and agreeing to the game’s terms of service agreement. After this, you will choose your primary login method, you can log in with your Google Account, EA Account, Twitter, Facebook, or log in as a guest.

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Choose your default settings; this can be reconfigured at any time. We recommend choosing “No mobile shooter experience (autofire will be enabled)” or “Mobile shooter experience” depending on your mobile shooter comfort and background. When prompted to select a HUD display, the options are “HUD1 – Classic Settings” and “HUD2 – Apex Style”, so choose one according to your preference.

rookie tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll work with Mirage to learn the basics of the game, such as sliding, climbing, shooting, and picking up items and teammate banners. After the tutorial is complete, you will be able to register as a legend and choose your username.

How to Play Battle Royale: Apex Legends Mobile Style

We’ve rounded up some beginner tips to help you survive the early game.

  • Heists are luck-based, but finding the right gun for your playstyle will help you settle into Apex Legends Mobile faster. If you prefer shotgun/close quarters, consider trying out Peacemaker. You can test the weapon at any time within the practice range, which is definitely recommended.
  • Always choose rarer items to upgrade. White is common, blue is rare, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. Remembering these colors is key.
  • Turn on auto-pickup for faster looting; once you’re safe, you can organize your bag.
  • Move all the time so you don’t get stuck outside the constantly encroaching circle; if you’re playing as a legend who can increase your movement speed, don’t be afraid to pop up the ability to get you back on track.
  • Utilize the ping system to let your team know where you want to go and what loot you have found, this is still a team based shooter so communication is critical!
  • A shield is your best friend, remember to recharge your shield outside of battle. Shields are essential to surviving an encounter.
  • Use the Terminator to finish off your opponent. Once you’ve eliminated an enemy, they’re in a downed state, so you’ll need to use a Terminator to do the job.
  • Use a sliding mechanism to improve maneuverability. Combine jumping and swiping to move faster.
  • Don’t hesitate to try new legends; play your favorite legends and you’ll have the most fun. Each legend has its specialties, and you’ll unlock more as you play. If you’re new to Apex, we recommend starting with combat-focused Offensive Legends before moving on to utility-focused Heavy Legends.
  • Strengthen your legend by unlocking more perks. Unlock perks by playing as a specific legend in a match.
  • Legends have different hit boxes (large, medium, and small), so the larger the legend’s hit box, the easier it is to record a shot. Gibraltar, Pathfinder, and Caustic all have the largest hitboxes. The game is balanced around hitboxes, so use abilities that prevent you from being targeted.

learn your legend (character)

Each lore offers a unique backstory and personality that is part of the Apex lore that exists in the Titanfall universe. Each Legend has a set of abilities that can help you gain an edge in the game. Choosing your legend will depend on playstyle preferences and who you unlock.

To see the game’s available legends, click legend on the home screen, then tap detail.


An offensive career specializing in tactical combat so she can gain an edge in battle. She can sprint while being shot for a short time (passive ability). She can also fire smoke launchers to block vision (ability) in an area. Her ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder, which fires flares to summon cannonballs that deal damage, slow down, and blur vision on the field.


A reconnaissance squad that specializes in tracking and understanding the whereabouts of the enemy. He can spot tracks showing where and when the enemy is moving (passive ability). His ability reveals enemies, traps and clues through structure. His ultimate increases movement speed and highlights nearby enemy trails. Since he’s classified as a Scouting Legend, he can scan Survey Beacons to reveal the Ring’s next location.


A defense level that specializes in toxic gases to detect and trap enemies. His passive allows him to see enemies in his gas. His ability drops six canisters of Nox Gas that can be shot/triggered by enemies; once the gas dissipates, it slows down and deals damage to nearby enemies. His ultimate ability, Nox Gas, Grenade, fills the Nox Gas area, slowing and damaging enemies found within. Since he’s classified as a Defensive Legendary, he can use the Enhanced passive, which reduces damage taken by 15% and is immune to bullet slows.


Offensive class specializing in dimensional manipulation. His passive gives you a brief movement speed boost after sliding. His ability is to use the void to teleport to where he was before. His ultimate ability, Phase Chamber, sends all legends within range into the void. notes: He is exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile and cannot be found in the core console/PC game.


A defense class that specifically generates shields for tank damage. His passive protects the upper body when he takes aim. If you’re inside, his ability creates a shield to block damage taken. His ultimate defensive bomber, delivering one hit at a location that deals damage and stuns. Since he’s classified as a Defensive Legendary, he can use the Enhanced passive, which reduces damage taken by 15% and is immune to bullet slows.


A support class dedicated to treating and supporting her teammates. She can send DOCs to provide shields and revive teammates (passive ability). Her ability sends a drone to heal nearby teammates, but if she takes damage while the ability is active, the healing will be interrupted. Her ultimate, “Care Pack,” summons a nearby pod with higher-level equipment.


An offensive class that specializes in using holograms to deceive enemies. He automatically becomes invisible when interacting with the respawn beacon and when attempting to revive teammates; when knocked down, he releases a decoy and becomes invisible (passive ability). His ability is to deploy decoys; reactivating this ability will cause the decoys to mimic his movements. His ultimate ability, Life of the Party, sends out multiple copies that mimic his movements, while the real Mirage stays invisible and moves faster.

Octane number

Offensive class specializing in mobility. When he takes no damage, his passive regenerates health over time. His ability temporarily increases movement speed at the expense of his life. His ultimate, Jump Pad, summons a contraption that allows everyone to double jump in the air. notes: He is unlocked for free when you start playing.


A reconnaissance class that specializes in quickly traversing the map using the environment. His passive scans a survey beacon to reveal the location of the next ring, and his scan reduces the cooldown of his ultimate. His ability sends out a grappling hook to grab a surface – allowing him to slide from place to place. His ultimate zipline gun creates a zipline for his entire team. Since he’s classified as a Scouting Legend, he can scan Survey Beacons to reveal the Ring’s next location.


An aggressive class that exclusively uses dimensional manipulation to achieve flanking. Her passive warns of danger when she is spotted near a trap and is targeted. Her abilities allow her to move quickly into the void without taking damage. Her ultimate ability, Dimensional Rift, enables her team to move from one place to another by entering a portal.

How to unlock more legends

You can unlock more legends to gain experience points by playing any game mode. You can earn more XP by opening chests, completing daily quests, and doing well in matches (such as getting more kills).

Features and Game Modes

Choose your camera, First Person Perspective (FPP) and Third Person Perspective (TPP) to control who is in your game. Players who choose FPP will only be matched with other FPP players, while TPP players will be matched with other players who use TPP. FPP will give you a traditional Apex experience, but if you want a flexible playstyle and are already familiar with third-person perspective, TPP is there. Playing in third person will expand your horizons compared to first person.

Available game modes include Battle Royale, Ranked, Team Deathmatch (3v3), Tutorial, Free Practice, and Timed Mode (Event).To choose a new game mode, click on the left tab Play button.​​​​​​​​

The game also offers Battle Passes (free and paid) that reward you with attractive in-game cosmetics. Unlock new missions every week. You can also claim loot by completing Daily and Seasonal Missions to face plenty of challenges during the match.

The future of Apex Legends Mobile

Seeing a mobile interpretation of a popular game offering the same feature set on mobile is always a promising start. Apex Legends is considered a free-to-play AAA game, so a direct port would be challenging due to the limited capabilities of mobile devices, which is what makes the standalone mobile version so surprising. Of course, if you want to see the game in action, we’ve recorded the gameplay for us to experience firsthand. To be a champion in Apex Legends Mobile, you need a head start – that’s why we’ve included the Play Store widget in the app below.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Apex Legends Mobile Main Menu Heroes

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