Alex Beach ready to take a chance

TULSA, Oklahoma — Alex Beach is four days away from what could potentially change his life.

The 32-year-old Beach, who is in his fourth year as a pro assistant at Rye Westchester Country Club, is one of four club pros from the New York metropolitan area who meet this week at South Hills. One of 20 at the PGA Championship.

Paul Dickinson from Bridgehampton Atlantic, Dylan Newman from Buy Brayburn and Casey Pine from Greenwich Stanwich, Connecticut, are three other locals.

However, unlike most of the 20 club pros, Beach has not only the desire to be a PGA Tour player, but also the talent.

It was his fourth straight PGA Championship qualification and fifth overall. He hasn’t cut back yet, but believes this week could be the time to change that.

“Yeah, deep down, I’d love to play [on the PGA Tour] I think I’m good enough,” Beach told The Post. “When I got into the ropes, that was my ring. I love being there, I love putting in work, I love getting better, I love competing. I’m still dying to try it. But step by step.

Alex Beach believes he has what it takes to be successful on the PGA Tour.

The beauty of Beachy’s story is the series of unconventional steps he took to get here. He’s from Minnesota, not considered a top junior player, never played college golf, attended the University of Nebraska, never took a class. Once he got pretty good, he got conditional on the Korn Ferry Tour and never got a start due to the season shortened by COVID-19.

“Almost everything in my story contradicts ‘oh yeah, he’s definitely supposed to be a really good pro golfer,’ and I like that,” Beach said.

Beach, who came to the Metropolitan area while working at Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey, thanked a series of professional players in New York and New Jersey for mentoring where he is now. For the first two rounds, he will be in a group with two seasoned Tour players, Jhonattan Vegas and Bernd Wiesberger.

Beaches helping him include former PGA Tour pro and one-time champion Jim McGovern, who is now a pro in the White Beeches, NJ, and Brian Gaffney, who has played in five PGA Championships as a club pro, And is pro Essex Fells in New Jersey.

“I’m very grateful to the many people who helped me get here,” he said. “Their support means the world exists.”

Paul Dickinson of the 20s, Alex Beach of the 20s, Dylan Newman of the 20s and Casey Pyne of the 20s
The 20’s Paul Dickinson, Alex Beach, Dylan Newman and Casey Pine pose for a photo during a practice round at the 2022 PGA Championship.
Pritchard, Montana/PGA, USA

Both McGovern and Gaffney believe Beach is close to fulfilling his dream of playing on the PGA Tour.

“His body looks like a PGA Tour player, he hits like a Tour player, and I hope it’s only a matter of time before he actually becomes a Tour player,” Gaffney told The Post. “He has all the tools in his toolbox. He’s one of the few club professionals who can really compete. He’s not like most club pros. He’s on par with them in terms of distance and ability. Just Now he needs to gain experience.

“He’s played in a couple of PGA games and now he should be ready to make the cut and play on the weekend. For Alex, making the cut will prove he belongs there.”

McGovern said Beach “has bagged every ball and every shot it needs” to compete with top players.

“It’s just a break,” McGovern told the Post. “He’s on the brink of crisis. He’s so close. He’s right. He’s on the brink.”

Could this week change life at the beach?

“He has the talent to do it any week, anywhere,” McGovern said. “He just needs a little rest and faith.”

Beach believes the secret is to feel confident and comfortable.

“You’re dealing with a lot of different emotions – you’re playing with these guys we see on TV like Tiger and Rory and JT [Justin Thomas],” He said. “It’s really hard to feel like you belong there. For me, it’s the confidence of knowing how to manage a week like this and having the confidence to know what I’ve done and what I’ve done to get here is enough to keep me in here.


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