Aceu Apex Legends Setup (May 2022)

Whether you’re a new player looking to dive into Apex Legends, or a veteran looking to level up, it’s always a good idea to check out the game settings used by professional Apex esports players like aceu. The former NRG esports professional and current full-time streamer has a strong presence in the Apex community. Since his transition from CS:GO to the game in 2019, aceu’s top-notch precision and mind-numbing moves have been legendary (pun intended).

So it’s no surprise that aceu’s gameplay in Apex Legends is highly rated by the entire fanbase. You’re in luck, though, because in this guide, we’ll be covering his latest pro-level Apex setup for 2022 in hopes of igniting the esports player in you!

Apex Legends Mouse Settings for Aceu

Mouse settings are important because you’ll know if you’ve been an FPS player. To follow in aceu’s footsteps and get a chance to hit those stellar movies, here are the mouse settings you’ll need in Apex Legends 2022.

vote rate 500 Hz
DPI 800
mouse sensitivity 1.8
ADS Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier 1.0
mouse acceleration leave
mouse inversion leave
Apex Legends Mouse Settings for Aceu

Video Settings for Aceu in Apex Legends

To play like a pro, you need to watch like a pro, which is why your video settings in Apex play an important role in determining how smooth and visually cluttered your game is. Aceu’s Apex Legends video setup is very similar to that of most esports players, prioritizing frame rate and clarity in order to spot enemies from a distance and keep them within sight during tense firefights.


display mode full screen
aspect ratio 16:9 (native)
Resolution 1920 x 1080 (native)
brightness 50%
Field of View (FOV) 110
FOV capability scaling Not available
Sprint View Shake minimum


Vertical sync disabled
nvidia reflection Not available
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target 0
Adaptive Supersampling
Antialiasing not any
Texture Streaming Budget not any
texture filtering bilinear
Ambient Occlusion Quality disabled
sun shade overlay low
sun shadow detail low
point shadow detail disabled
volumetric lighting disabled
Dynamic point shadow disabled
Model details low
Effect details low
Influence mark disabled
Ragdoll low

this FOV capability scaling and nvidia reflection The setting aceu used in Apex could not be found.However, based on the setup used by other Apex esports pros and streamers in 2021, we recommend open + boost For Nvidia Reflex (if your GPU can handle it) and disabled Used for FOV capability scaling to improve consistency.

Aceu Apex Legends Video Set Pro Esports 2021
Apex Legends Video Settings for Aceu

If you’re still having trouble hitting these higher frame rates, check out our guide on getting high FPS in Apex Legends in 2022.

Key binding settings for Aceu

Impressed by aceu’s smooth and clear movements, always helping him defeat his enemies? Then you must be interested in the key binding setup used in Apex by the former NRG Esports pro.

sprint shift left
Jump space bar
crouch (toggle) C
crouch (hold) Left Ctrl
tactical ability ask
ultimate ability Z
Interact/Pickup Second
stock Label
map Meter
Toggle fire mode Second
Aim for sight (toggle) unbound
Scope (press and hold) right click
Melee five
Reload R
cycle weapon mouse wheel
equipped weapon 1 1
Equip weapon 2 2
holster weapon 3
Equip a grenade G
Gibraltar Shield Toggle H
Use healthy items 4
Keybindings set 2021
Apex Legends key binding settings for Aceu

That’s it for our guide on the 2022 aceu Apex Legends setup. Let us know if these settings take your game to the next level and propel you to the next level in Apex!

who is ashe

Brandon “aceu” Winn, born April 7, 1995, is one of the most popular American Valorant and Apex Legends players of all time. He is a full-time streamer and content creator, currently signed with NRG Esports.

Aceu is known for playing different battle royale and FPS games on his Twitch channel. He played CS:GO and Apex Legends pro until he decided to retire and focus on streaming. Currently, he plays Valorant and Apex Legends on a daily basis.

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