8 Reddit Fan Theories About How Superman Is Back

Unfortunately, the DC Extended Universe is still largely confusing and disjointed, but hopefully this will change with black adam. While responses to several films such as wonder woman, Neptuneand Suicide Squadhas been very positive, but the franchise still lacks overall cohesion and is thus plagued by generally mixed reviews.

One of the biggest questions about how the DCEU unfolds is using one of the greatest characters in history, Superman. man of Steel The DCEU started in 2013, however, almost a decade later, it doesn’t look like Henry Cavill will be returning as Superman – much to his and fans’ chagrin. Still, some fans have devised some theories and plans on Reddit about how Superman, and Cavill in particular, could be transformed into the DCEU.

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Armie Hammer Darren Criss Superman Jamie Dornan and Michael B. Jordan

Currently, no projects containing Superman have been announced in the DCEU, but hopes remain high. Cavill had a hard time because he was killed in the second film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, then Justice League surrounded by controversy.He does get to show himself more Zack Snyder’s Justice Leaguebut that was the end of Snyder’s involvement with the team — and perhaps Cavill followed suit.

So some fans have come up with the unfortunate nuclear option: Reforged. u/BorderDispute wrote: “If Henry Cavill’s Superman is erased, there will be a new Superman.” This could play out in a number of ways, be it a new actor playing the same role Or some type of reboot. Some actors have already captured the attention of fans, such as Jaime Dornan, Ben Barnes or Matt Bomer, to name a few.

The Flash may reformat the timeline

although black adam may be the next movie flash Considered the most important movie of the next few years because it completely resets everything.Fans believe this because it’s based in part on Flash point Barry Allen rushes back in time to save his mother, but in doing so he changes reality. However, the trailer suggests it could be more diverse than time travel, Michael Keaton’s Batman and a different Flash return.

full reboot problem flash Yes it also wipes out all the great moments and movies – unless it defines those that have become part of the post flash DCEU Timeline.Specifically, u/Brilliant_Bother_870 speculates that “The Flash movie takes place in Justice League he created a separate timeline BVS and ZSJL It didn’t happen” so this will only affect Cavill’s Superman and Affleck’s Batman, and could have Cavill again soon for the iconic role.

merged universe

Why Michael Keaton is back as Batman Flash

regardless flash Whether it will reboot the franchise entirely or reset the timeline, many fans think it could at least reorganize the universe. Sasha Calle will play Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl, and Superman’s cousin; and supergirl The movie is also in the works – leading to rumors that she will replace Cavill in Superman’s role in the DCEU.Some fans believe that although Cavill may also appear in flashand he just acted like Andrew Garfield used to Spider-Man: Nowhere to Go.

u/uxlongboarder speculates that “the franchise takes place in a merged universe” like the multiverse in the MCU, and flash At least two different realities will actually be presented. This could allow Cavill’s Superman to continue in one, with the main continuity in the other, and then finally bring them back together.


Zachary Levi in ​​Shazam

although flash There may be some truth to the nonsense surrounding why Superman is being abused throughout the DCEU, and many fans just hope some executive or director just decides to put him in an upcoming movie.The best case for now is black adam or Shazam!Wrath of the Gods. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character is Shazam’s arch-enemy, but he’s also often pitted against Superman — the movie seems to cast him as a Superman-like force — so it’s possible

However, many thought it was just a cameo rather than a big role. u/LordFlameBoy suggested “We could have Cavill cameo/appear in other projects like Shazam! and black adam. ” which would make it like a cameo at the end of the character Shazam!to keep Superman alive in fans’ minds while exploring other stories.

fight black adam

Cavill’s Hope black adam High, but anything other than a cameo seems unlikely.Black Adam himself is more of a villainous character, so let Superman fight in this antagonistic role black adam, while interesting, wouldn’t feel like the DCEU was branded. Also, Marwan Kenzari’s role remains a secret, but it’s theoretically the film’s main villain, Sabak – which seems to have been confirmed by the film’s merchandise.

u/Dangerous-Hawk16 assumes “I feel like when Black Adam finally clashes with Shazam, Superman will be involved in the movie.” This could mean that Superman could be reintroduced further afield Shazam! 3 When two enemies are most likely to fight. Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait that long, though.

Join his cousin, Supergirl

Sasha Calle Supergirl The Flash cosplay by Lis Wonder title

Currently, supergirl is one of more than a dozen proposed films with no official release date, including Wonder Woman 3, Green Lantern Corpsand black canary. It likely won’t hit theaters until 2024 or later, if flash Ending how many fans were expecting, it could solidify Sasha Kale’s Supergirl as Cavill’s replacement. However, many were optimistic that the film would actually feature Superman as part of the Supergirl story.

When asked how they thought Cavill would return to the DCU, the u/West-Cardiologist wrote: “Supporting role in a Supergirl movie. It’s almost a no-brainer. At least I’m expecting a cameo.” That seems like a safe bet bet. This will add more cohesion to the entire team and can really examine Clark and Cara’s relationship.

Man of Steel 2 finally happened

Clark Kent as Superman in Iron Man

It’s no surprise that most Superman fans want just another Superman movie. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Originally supposed to be a sequel man of Steel But it ended up being a hodgepodge and complex prelude Justice League. While there were a few great moments, like the introduction to Wonder Woman, they fell short in the eyes of many fans.Therefore, a Iron Man 2 Something the DCEU needs soon.

u/TheJoshider10 agrees with others that Superman could gradually return to the series, moving from a cameo role to a supporting role, “and then we’re going to get a Superman sequel at the same time as the conflict between Superman and Black Adam.” Cavill himself is not only eager to return to this character, is also eager to return to the project so he can continue to truly explore who Superman is in this universe. Additionally, it will allow some fan-favorite villains, like Brainiac, to appear in the DCEU.

in the distant future

Superman by Val-Zod and JJ Abram

There were rumors long before the release Zack Snyder’s Justice League Michael B. Jordan will take over as Superman. However, it was later revealed that he was developing an HBO-Max series focused on Earth-2 Superman, Varzod, as part of the DCEU.On top of that, it was also announced that JJ Abrams was developing a reboot superman The film franchise is independent of the DCEU. After these shakes, however, they could all affect how Superman is used in the future of the franchise.

u/AbdullaFTW believes that Superman won’t return to starring until “after the JJ Abrams Superman project and the Michael B Jordan Vol-Zod project.” Unfortunately, that will mean more years of impatience waiting for fans, so hopefully a solution to this will be found and the strength to bring Cavill back.

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