5 Android Apps You Can’t Miss This Week

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Welcome to Issue 433 of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the top stories from last week:

  • It turns out that most of our readers do actually read the changelog. We released this poll last week because we were curious if people were actually reading these apps on the Play Store. More than 50% of readers said they would do so, while 34% said they would do so if they saw a notification. The numbers are pretty good, and we’ve been impressed by our readership.
  • A flaw in Huawei’s AppGallery apparently lets you download premium apps for free. Developer Dylan Roussel has alerted Huawei to the issue, but Huawei has yet to resolve it. Fortunately, it’s not easy to do this, so the exploit won’t do much damage. Hope Huawei fixes it soon.
  • Google has started a beta program for the Wear OS companion app. You can find a link here. Some people are trying to join the beta, though, so don’t be sad if you don’t join right away. Regardless, this new beta will likely let people test out new features before actually launching the app. It’s great to see Google take it more seriously, especially considering the Pixel Watch, which is coming this fall.
  • WhatsApp is changing the way exiting group chats works. Currently, leaving a group chat basically alerts everyone you left. The new changes only alert group admins and you when you leave the group. It’s a small thing, but it’s still a nice change.
  • Google Play could remove nearly 900,000 apps from the Google Play Store because they were abandoned by developers. Old apps don’t work as well as new ones, and apps that aren’t updated can never fix bugs. Also, these apps are not updated to the latest API, so they are not optimized. Regardless, both Google and Apple seem to be trying to make room for newer apps. Click the link to find out how they will do it.

Myths and legends

price: Play for free

Mythic Legends is a new strategy game with some automatic chess mechanics. Players unlock various champions and use them to duel with other players. The game also features several different game modes, including Ranked, Challenge, Royale, and Dungeon Playlists. It’s a collectible strategy game at its core, with some interesting mechanics, so fans of these specific genres should love this game. It has some flaws and is not very deep yet. However, we believe things will expand over time. Pay close attention to this.

KMint Screenshots 2022

KMINT is a multi-chain crypto wallet that also supports NFTs. It contains most of the usual stuff you’ll find in most crypto wallets. You can exchange coins, send and receive cryptocurrencies from others, and the MiniApp platform comes with several other tools. Honestly, I’m not the biggest crypto guy, so I don’t have much assets to play with here, but it seems to work. A new app is always a little buggy, though, so give the developers time to shape it before passing the full judgement.

Gunfire Rebirth

price: $6.99 (with in-app purchases)

Gunfire Reborn is an adventure game with a few other elements. It has some RPG, roguelite and FPS mechanics. Plus, the graphics are vaguely reminiscent of old Borderlands games. Players break through levels by shooting down bad guys. You can play alone or with friends. this is your choice. It was released on PC before and it seems the developers have done a good job with their mobile port. The game comes at a premium of $6.99, but that does unlock everything. The only things you can buy through in-app purchases are extra characters. It’s a pretty decent game, and one of the few good FPS games at a premium price.

watch talk

price: free

Look to Speak is a new app from Google Creative Labs. We talked about this in a previous update, but now it seems like it’s actually released. The app is very simple, but also cool. You give your phone a certain look, and the phone responds to certain messages. So, for example, you can frown at your phone and your phone will tell the person next to you to leave. This is an accessible application and it is a beta product. Make sure to report any bugs or issues to Google so they can fix them.

Apex Legends Phone

price: Play for free

Apex Legends Mobile is definitely one of the biggest releases of the mobile game so far this year. This is a mobile version of the popular game, and most of the mechanics are preserved. This is a battle royale style game featuring a variety of legendary characters with various abilities. Gameplay is smooth, and we especially like the shooting range mode, which lets you demo weapons and test control changes. It started very smoothly without many bugs or issues. The game worked fine on my test phone. It’s been a few days, so this is old news, but this one will definitely compete with PUBG or Fortnite on mobile. It might even be better.

Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any big Android app and game news or releases.
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