3 Best Knicks Trades for the No. 11 Pick in the 2022 NBA Draft

The 2022 NBA Draft lottery puts the New York Knicks back in their rightful place, with the 11th overall pick after they won the first-round pick with the 11th-best odds.

Now, the Knicks have a lot to go in this offseason. With the 11th overall pick, they could add another young player to their core or trade around the pick.

The best type of trade the Knicks can do is to help them get young, high-level players or more draft money. They may have made the playoffs last season, but need to realize that unless they can get a young star, a slow rebuild is the best way to go.

3 Best Knicks Trades for the No. 11 Pick in the 2022 NBA Draft

3. Move up in the draft

The Portland Trail Blazers are one of the few teams selected in the top 10 of the NBA draft but in win-win mode. With Damian Lillard back next season, they may accept a trade that would give them more value in the seventh overall pick.

The Knicks could trade No. 11, No. 42 and Evan Fournier for No. 7 and Eric Bledsoe.

For New York, they also gave up their second-round pick to move into the top 10 of the draft. With higher draft picks, their odds of finding a future star improve. They also freed up salary by sending Fournier to the Blazers. To save more than $15 million, they have until June 29 to drop Bledsoe. They can also keep him if they want to make another deal in the future.

Portland will have an additional draft pick to trade and a sharpshooter to surround Lillard. They also have the option to use Fournier as a sixth man, allowing him to shoot freely when Lillard and Anfernee Simmons rest. With three picks in the draft, they could make several trades or pack them together for an extra star.

2. Swap Bigs

The Atlanta Hawks have been dealing with trade rumors for John Collins. They could eventually trade Collins, the 16th overall pick and future picks (perhaps a 2024 second-round pick from the Oklahoma City Thunder) to the Knicks for Julius Randle and The 11th overall pick to get rid of the disgruntled forward.

Even though Randle is older than Collins and has just had a very disappointing season, he can thrive in Atlanta. It would be helpful to have Trae Young take the pressure off. Randle will provide a tissue wrinkle that the Eagles can use and can reshoot at a decent rate with Young setting him up.

The Knicks will drop five spots to sign Collins, a young player on a slightly cheaper contract who would be a huge compliment to frontcourt Mitchell Robinson if he stays in New York. Since he has less ball control but can still score in multiple ways, he should be a solid addition to their offense. Getting closer to RJ Barrett means surrounding him with the right pieces. Collins, who can shoot from deep, might be one of them.

1. Donovan Mitchell’s blockbuster trade

If the Utah Jazz are really interested in moving Donovan Mitchell, their conversations with opposing teams will start with draft money. The Knicks will start with the 11th overall pick and include several other first-round picks. New York will send Fournier and Derrick Rose to make the deal financially viable.

Adding Mitchell to the Knicks’ young core would make them even better. The All-Star would be a great compliment for Barrett, a budding star in his own right. While the current noise surrounding Mitchell heading to the Knicks is just rumors, New York should definitely consider acquiring the young star. There’s no quicker way to build a good team than by trading a young scoring machine.

Utah will definitely be looking for a higher pick than No. 11, but New York can overcome that by offering more picks than opposing teams. Fournier and Rose would add some solid scoring to their depth. The Knicks will be fighting for Mithell in a crowded game, or maybe not at all, but it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

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