2022 NBA Draft Profile: Wendell Moore Jr.

Wing | 6’6” | 215 lbs. | Small | Age: 20

2021-22 stats (39 games): 13.4 points | 5.3 RPG | 4.4 AP | 1.4 SPG | 50.0 hit rate | 41.3 3P% | 60.5% | 21.4 PER

In the first half of the Sweet Sixteen, Duke Blue Devils’ No. 0 Wendell Moore Jr. scored a field goal against the Texas Tech Red Raiders.
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Improved shooter:

If you look strictly at Moore’s freshman shooting stats: Woof; he’s shooting 41.6 percent from the field, including 44.4 percent from 2-point range and 21.1 percent from the free-throw line — good enough for a 50.0 true shooting percentage. As a junior, Moore’s shooting percentage dropped in half, including 41.3 percent from three and 80.5 percent from the free-throw line (TS%). He’s a very good spot-up shooter and shows potential off the dribble, though he lacks elite explosiveness.

Tenacious defender:

Moore averaged more than 2.0 steals per 100 possessions each season at Duke, and he was excellent from the perimeter and in the post. His size allows him to drop the ball brilliantly from the perimeter, as well as perfect the patented Andre Iguodala in the post or on the drive. Moore moved his feet nicely, keeping the ball handler up front while using his muscular body to surround the lane and force tough pull-up shots. He is also a good screen navigator. Moore is excellent defensively and should be an interesting prospect considering his 7-foot wingspan.

Game Ability/Game Feel:

Like Darren Terry, though not explosive, Moore showed a great deal of playmaking in transition. In this case, he’s one of Duke’s best frontcourt and lob passers. Despite being a secondary creator at Duke, he excels at pick-and-rolls and finds open players in the half court — with a 2.3 assist-to-turnover ratio. His organizational skills are one of his greatest strengths.


Vertical movement:

Despite his occasional rush, Moore was an excellent finisher at Duke — he shot 71 percent of his attempts at the rim — but lacked the necessary vertical movement, which prevented him from playing well on defenders. The ability to complete the finish above. It’s going to be an even bigger climb against the more athletic NBA rim protector. He has a good enough frame to finish passing defenders, but maybe he’ll find more experience at the next level to tackle the different angles around their finish.

Shot Consistency:

While Moore’s shooting did improve, it’s always a problem when a three- or four-year college player has a spectacular shooting season and is inefficient. Because of his free throw percentage, that might not be that much of an issue. But from sophomore to junior year, his three-point and true shooting efficiency improved by more than 9 percentage points each (in similar amounts). This shouldn’t be flagged as a concern, but a development I’ll be tracking at the next level. The mechanics and release look good, so there’s definitely good shooting potential there.


I’m not the first and won’t be the last to say that Duke is loaded.There’s more to possibly their best two-way player – in fact it’s even a discussion Say something. If Miami is looking for additional wing depth, Moore should be at the top of their charts given their draft position. He’s a Miami Heat player.

Games/Highlights to watch:

What others say about him:

Sports Illustrated Jeremy Wu:

Moore shrugged off two difficult seasons to turn himself into a solid young player, a leader at Duke, and an all-around player: he took a leap in confidence and confidence; he Is a capable passer who can handle the ball and start the game; he’s an improving jumper (41 percent from 3 is an impressive leap); he provides extra length on defense and wisdom. While he’s not particularly tall for a wing, Moore’s combined traits provide great versatility to blend different types of lineups and add teammates. He’s excelled in transition, playing a compelling brand of team basketball, and his consistency is a key part of Duke’s success. Moore isn’t going to be a great scorer, but I think he has more upside than he gets.

athletics team John Hollinger:

Moore was a little lost as scouts focused on Banchero and Williams at Duke, and his role in a talented offensive lineup was more limited. However, he did well as a junior and didn’t turn 21 until September, and his ability to pass, defend, shoot open shots and score from the open all made him a strong candidate to be a good role player .

Moore may improve his finishing and overall scoring ability from inside the arc, but his rebound, assist and steal percentages are among the best of any shooting guard this year, metrics that usually point more to career success above average. Additionally, he’s shooting 41.3 percent from 3-point range and 81.5 percent from the free-throw line, and generally guards the opposing team’s best player. The 3-D prototype is pretty obvious, and in a fairly sporty package, might be able to take it up a notch with some tuning gains.

He has enough length and bounce to change shots when he’s on the court against shots, and when he’s beaten off the dribble, he’s got a great chase gear to block opponents from behind. He can get up a little bit, and it looks like he’s trying a little too hard to avoid fouls; a change of direction can also drop him in a ditch at times. It looks like he’s more likely to be drafted in the second round, but he has a pretty high baseline.

NBA Draft Room:

Wendell Moore Jr is a versatile all-rounder with a tremendous effort on both ends of the floor, impacting every aspect of the game. He won’t blow your mind with one skill, but he brings value as a defender, passer and transition scorer.

He has the quality to lock down defenders with great versatility on that end of the court. He has great size and length when putting pressure on the ball and moves his feet very well when defending in space.

Wendell isn’t a complete product on offense yet, but he’s good at transitioning and getting to the rim. His ball handling has improved and as a player he can run a point at the next level to match his 3&D skills.

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