10 things we want to see in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer

In case you didn’t know, Infinity Ward officially announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 yesterday. While Modern Warfare 2019 offers us a new game engine and other new stuff for the franchise’s multiplayer mode, it’s not perfect. Old-school Call of Duty fans lamented that the game was slower (camping), and that some of the new additions didn’t quite help make the multiplayer component any better.

We know it’s still early days, but we’ve rounded up the 10 things we most want to see (and don’t) in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer (in no particular order).

10 things we want to see (and don’t see) in Modern Warfare multiplayer:

Lose the damn door!

While most Call of Duty veterans find Modern Warfare to be a slower multiplayer game, one thing that adds to that speed is the doors. Not only do these doors facilitate camping by hiding behind them, but they are also indestructible!

Infinity Ward, please don’t put doors on every part of the Modern Warfare 2 map! Or at least make them crumbly?

Bring back the classic prestige system

You know the saying about not fixing what isn’t broken? This works perfectly for how Infinity Ward changes the prestige system of Modern Warfare, but not for the better.

Just bring back the classic prestige system. Let’s permanently unlock an item from prestige, give us a new badge, calling card, etc., and call it a day. If you do, no one will complain about it, Infinity Ward.

have proper shooting range

While Modern Warfare 2019 features gunsmiths and plenty of ways to customize weapons, players won’t be able to test them unless they compete. Considering the effect of attachments on aiming speed, hip fire spread, etc., it is important for gamers to be able to test them in practice before using them in the wild.

Hopefully we’ll get the proper firing range in Modern Warfare 2, as this feature has been around in past Call of Duty games.

Fix spawning!

If there’s one thing Modern Warfare 2019 is notoriously bad at, it’s spawning. In some cases we respawn in front of someone, and for the most part respawns are very predictable, respawn camping is easy to do in some maps.

Modern Warfare Roadmap

Good and proper map (three lanes or other)

While some Call of Duty fans might not like Treyarch’s tried-and-true three-lane map formula, it’s much better than getting another Azhur Caves or Picadilly.

Infinity Ward should make sure that players are easily visible in the map and give us a balanced experience no matter where you spawn.

Let’s hope we get some proper three-lane maps, and those that might not but offer a balanced experience.

Stop making invisible changes and hidden tweaks

While we almost always receive patch notes for every title update released by Infinity Ward, Modern Warfare 2019 is probably the first Call of Duty game I can remember where the developers made stealthy changes in every patch (read: unannounced changes). I mean, why? Why hide weapons, player perks change? We’ll know anyway, it’s just an inexplicable move that shouldn’t happen again.

Modern Warfare Patch File Size

Reduce the space required for game files

It’s a weird thing, but for our hard drives it has to be a part of it! Modern Warfare 2019 is one of the worst releases when it comes to downloading updates, as each update makes the game files even more bloated than they are now! For some odd reason, the Modern Warfare patch includes 20GB or even 30GB monsters, which makes the game take up more than half of the console’s storage. It got so bad that some people even had to choose between installing Modern Warfare or installing 3-5 games.

We’ve seen Infinity Ward reduce the disk space required for Warzone, and how the developers now let players choose which parts of the game they want to keep installed (Single Player, Spec Ops, Multiplayer). Hopefully for Modern Warfare 2 we won’t need to download the huge file size for the patch and it won’t take up a lot of storage space on our gaming platform.

striped loop

Do you remember those old Call of Duty games where you played so well that your “streak”? Can you win the fourth in a row and then get enough points or kill enough enemies to get the first again, etc? Yes, this is not allowed in Modern Warfare. While I have a hunch that Infinity Ward does this to make sure newbies don’t get stomped on in multiplayer, there’s no point trying to stay alive after a third straight win. Heck, one might argue that not respawning after getting a third straight win is a team holding you back. There’s no point in being alive after a third straight win, other than badges and player cards. This needs to change, please.

Get good gamers on a winning streak again. If they can make it, why not let them? Of course, there’s no point in not doing this other than protecting “newbies”.

Bring back old radar/minimap

Probably one of the biggest design decisions I disliked to this day was how Infinity Ward changed the minimap/radar to not show players firing weapons without suppressors. It’s a staple of almost every game’s multiplayer shooter. Firing an unsuppressed weapon makes you look like a red dot, and configuring your weapon with a suppressor means you’re slower to take down enemies (there’s always a downside to using it), but you go undetected.

To be honest, considering Infinity Ward seems to cater to the lowest common denominator when designing multiplayer (read: not very skilled), I don’t think that’s going to change, it’s going to lead to the last and probably most obvious thing we want to change ……

Modern Warfare Patch 1.08 Review

less brutal focus

Whether you like Modern Warfare 2019 or not, it’s hard to say that the game’s multiplayer is a camper’s paradise. It gives players unlimited claymores, doors to hide behind, maps that give campers a good vantage point, weapons that don’t require muting but are great for camping, and more.

If you’re wondering why this is, Infinity Ward itself admits that Modern Warfare is slow for newbies. Heck, it even uses “endless places to hide” as a selling point, which means the studio knows it’s slowing down the game considerably. While I learned to play it (and even use it to my advantage), I have to admit, it wasn’t that much fun. Going 45-3 in a game doesn’t mean I’m skilled, it’s that I know the best places to hide and how to take advantage of guys who want to run and shoot.

Maybe we can find a good compromise in Modern Warfare 2? One can hope. What do you want (and don’t want) to see in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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