10 Marvel characters Black Adam can beat

Black Adam’s popularity has grown exponentially over the years. Villains turned anti-heroes, going through many ups and downs, going through moral ups and downs, joining teams like the Justice Society, the Secret Society of Supervillains, and the Justice League. His power is as strong as his popularity, and his power comes from the same source as Shazam. With his brutal code of conduct and high level of power, he can beat almost anyone.

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Black Adam has defeated many DC heroes and villains, so pitting him against Marvel characters will result in some tough fights, many of which he will win.

10 Fantastic Man will face another resurrection after fighting Black Adam

Wonder Man is one of the most underrated sluggers in the Avengers. His body becomes a furnace of ionic energy, giving him tremendous strength and durability. Most importantly, as an energetic being, he is functionally immortal, so even if he is killed, he will be resurrected. This pair of Black Adams will definitely come in handy.

Although Wonder Man is strong, he can’t even match the level of Black Adam. Combine that with Adam’s speed, durability, and lightning punch, and the Fantastic Man will be hit like never before. Fantastic Man can take a lot of damage, so it won’t be a quick fight, but he just can’t win.

9 Adam’s Greater Mobility and Power Will Doom the Abomination

The Abomination and the Hulk fought some brutal battles, proving just how dangerous the Abomination can be. He doesn’t get stronger with anger, but he’s still physically strong and a smart fighter that makes a big difference over the years. However, Black Adam has him beaten wherever it matters.

Black Adam’s superhuman level far exceeds the abomination. He’s also more mobile, and his combat and speed give him an advantage that the Abomination can’t match. Abomination won’t hit unless Black Adam wants to. Meanwhile, Adam will whip the Gamma Monster into submission.

8 Doctor Octopus won’t stand a chance against Black Adam

Dr. Octopus’s livelihood is more dangerous than one might think. His octopus arms are his body balancer, but they’re not his only weapons. Doc Ock is very dangerous because he is very smart. He can outsmart many opponents and craft weapons against opponents he can’t. While all of this makes him a legend, it’s no different compared to Black Adam.

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Orc’s arms are not strong enough to hold Black Adam. He would tear them apart and take away the good doctor’s only offense. Back then, it was a scientist in good health against a supernatural headshot lover. The only question is whether the Orc will survive.

7 Spiderman’s spider sense can’t save him

Spider-Man has always been victorious against the most feared villains in New York City and beyond. Many of them were stronger than him, but his tenacity and spider sense helped win. The defense has won a lot of Spider-Man’s fights, giving him a chance to come back. This is impossible for Black Adam.

Spider-Man’s spider sense works because he’s faster than most enemies. He is no faster than Black Adam. He’ll avoid some shots, but once Adam gets up to speed, Spider-Man will. He couldn’t take the kind of punch Adam was hitting him for so long.

6 Apocalypse and Adam will have a Titanic fight, but the mutants will lose

Apocalypse is one of Marvel’s deadliest villains, having spent thousands of years weeding out the weak from the strong. His mutant powers are varied and powerful, enhanced by celestial technology, and he also wears nearly indestructible armor from the space god. He is a formidable enemy of the entire team and definitely a challenge for Black Adam.

However, he will not be an insurmountable person. Both have the advantage, Adam wins in power and speed. The key is who can outlast who. Apocalypse’s armor gives him an advantage, but he also doesn’t have the ability to damage Adam quickly. Ultimately, Black Adam would just go and chop off the mutant’s head, repeatedly hit him with a big stick, or just rip it off.

5 Ultron is incapable of defeating Black Adam

Ultron is one of Marvel’s premier artificial creatures and the Avengers’ deadliest threat. His pure gold husk made him so dangerous. While he is strong and well equipped, the fact that he can take massive damage makes it very difficult to defeat him before he kills someone. It won’t have much of an impact on Black Adam, though.

The thing about Ultron is that he can outlive his enemies, but that’s not the case with Black Adam. He can’t match Adam’s strength. It’s also why he loses; his shell is adamantium, but his inside is not. Adam’s blow will cause internal damage to the robot. Coupled with Adam’s lightning blast, Ultron is heading towards the scrap heap.

4 Loki’s magic is no match for Black Adam’s power

For years, Loki has fought against Marvel’s most powerful heroes. When he is defeated, he will be stronger than ever, ready to torment his enemies with new plans. His magic, strength and fighting skills make him a ferocious adversary for anyone, and his cunning puts him on a par with the best. Unfortunately, his magic didn’t help him much against Black Adam’s power.

Loki can definitely fool Black Adam for a while, but it’s impossible to control him long-term. Once he realizes he’s being manipulated, he takes action. Angry Black Adam is unlike anything Loki has faced. He has no power to resist Adam, and the god of mischief will fall.

3 Iron Man won’t be able to take Black Adam’s attack

Iron Man has made a name for himself in the superhero community. His armor is a formidable work in progress, and he is constantly tweaking to become a stronger hero. He has defeated many formidable foes, either on his own or with the Avengers, but he will find Black Adam’s way too far.

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Iron Man’s base armor is strong, but it can’t resist the power of Black Adam. Even his anti-Hulk armor would find that impossible, since Adam is at a superhuman level. Iron Man can figure it out in many situations, but Black Adam won’t give him enough time to do it.

2 Thor’s power pales in comparison to Black Adam

Thor faces the most dangerous villain in the Marvel Universe, served well by his divine powers and thousands of years of experience. The power of Thor’s Hammer played a huge role in giving Thor a victory when the odds were down. Although Black Adam is much stronger than Thor, Thor would still have a chance if it weren’t for Adam’s speed and flying ability.

Thor does not fly personally and relies on Thor’s Hammer to pull him. This puts him at a disadvantage against Heya; a man accustomed to using fast flying attacks. These will deal damage to Thor and give Black Adam the victory.

1 Black Adam is savage enough to defeat the Hulk

No one wants to fight the Hulk, and for good reason. He is the strongest, and his power is almost limitless. Fighting him is basically futile as any blow that doesn’t knock him down will make him angry and he will only get stronger. However, this is exactly why Black Adam won.

Black Adam hardly flinched. The key to defeating the Hulk is getting stronger and meaner, two things Black Adam is sure to do. When the Hulk is still up after a few hits, Black Adam will kick it into overdrive. Between his greatest strength, flight, and speed, he’ll take out the Hulk before he becomes too much to handle.

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