Diversion Safes: How To Keep Money And Valuables Safe In Your Home

It’s always important to have a little extra money lying around your house in case of emergencies. Whether you’re facing an emergency or are simply in a hurry and don’t have time to stop by the ATM, having extra cash stashed around your home can save you a lot of stress and hassle. If you have expensive jewelry or precious metals lying around, you’ll need a place to keep small expensive items safe from thieves. Having a safe place in your home to hide cash and valuables is vital for protecting your assets. Here are a few places to stash things in your home that thieves will likely not think to look.

The Kitchen

When thieves loot a home, they’re looking to get in and out fast to avoid detection. So naturally, the kitchen is not the first place a thief would look, making it a great place to hide valuables. The freezer is a great place to keep a little extra cash, but some thieves do check there, so make sure it’s well disguised. Place your cash in a zip lock bag, then wrap it with aluminum foil and place it in the back of the freezer with a label on it to avoid detection. If you’re looking (Read More….)