Who Owns You?

Authored By Dave Webb

In the coming default of the Federal Government on its debts, there is an important question all of us must ask of ourselves. Who owns you?

In ancient times if a person could not pay their debts they went to prison. It was called debtor’s prison for a reason. If you could not pay the government owned you body and soul until the debt was paid. If some relative cares for you it was assumed they would cover your debt to get you out of prison.

In Rome, they sold you as a slave if you couldn’t pay your debts.

In today’s world we do not sell people as slaves anymore. It is far too inefficient. Rather we delete their ability to borrow money which is just as bad.

If you cannot borrow money you cannot own a house. You cannot get a car loan so you are stuck with whatever junk you can pay cash for. You have no credit cards to cushion you in an emergency. Your housing rental is probably limited as well.

I am sure the list goes on. Like what kind of medical care can you get if you have no credit? It is all a kind of sophisticated slavery most of us endure in our everyday lives.

Jesus said, “Render onto Caesar . . . “

Recently I divided up my bills to see who owns me.

The Gas company owned $167 of me this month.

The Power Company owned a similar amount.

The telephone company owned $300 of me. As I have both internet and cable mixed in and two houses for the Internet and telephone.

The bank shares ownership with me on one mortgage on a house.

The bank shares ownership with me on a truck.

The City water owns about 90 dollars of me on two houses.

The government owns a lot of me on my industrial pension.

I own a little bit of them on Social Security and Medicare.

Everything I have stated above is a monthly occurrence and is public record somewhere.

Then there is the money I donate to God. It is my tithe to God. I keep that number very private between me and my God.

The point is not numbers. The point is who really owns me. What is my soul worth. You see we will all have to answer those questions soon.

I declare myself owned by Jesus Christ under God. Anything and everything I own really belongs to my Master. And yes, I consider all true Christians to understand we are slaves to our Master, Jesus Christ.

But like Peter, who denied Christ three times before the Cock crowed twice, I have a problem. You see I don’t know if I have the courage necessary when it becomes terribly inconvenient for all of us to follow Christ. Peter, in his arrogance thought he did. And eventually he was crucified upside down, because he didn’t consider himself worthy after that twice denial. I don’t judge or blame Peter. We are talking the ultimate sacrifice and an enormous amount of torture and pain while we die.

Eventually, we will all have to make that decision as the government intrudes more and more on our lives and our morale and ethical nature.

Think not? We have suffered the abortionists to be legal in this country since Roe vs. Wade. A lot of babies have died because of that decision. Why do we tolerate it?

Well I don’t have anything to do with that, do I? Courts made that decision. Yes, but we tolerated the courts that made that decision without a general rebellion against them.

Our Republican Leaders are against it aren’t they? Not really. If they were, it would have been gone 30 years ago. They are the devil’s own when they go out there and lie about it.

What about the court decisions against Freedom of expression of our religion? Well, that too is a court matter, isn’t it? Not if we make it different. But that would be a sacrifice. We would have to impeach half the Justices in our court system to change it. Anyone ready to be crucified?

If we do have the chaos that will follow a bankrupt federal government, we will all have to make decisions. Those decisions might come down to who owns you? Are you willing to make a stand or will you accept the Mark of the Beast that government requires you to have in order to live?

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