Didnt Save for a Rainy Day? 3 Ways to Get out of a Financial Bind

Guest Post- Dixie S

Practically everyone knows that they’re supposed to put away money for a rainy day. In fact, having a substantial emergency fund is one of the keys to financial security. For many people who are recovering from a big financial setback or who are just starting out their independent lives, a rainy day fund is more of a goal than a reality. This means that when they get hit with a disaster, they will scramble to find a way to pay the bills. If this sounds like you, try the following three tips to get out of your financial bind.

Increase your income

The best way to get the money to pay for something is to earn it. Look for a part-time job that you can do around your full-time work schedule. Many bars, restaurants, and retail stores look for weekend and night-time help, and working a lot of hours will help you keep your expenses down. You may also want to consider offering your services as a babysitter, lawn mower, handyman, or even opening an online store to sell (Read More….)

How You Can Create an Emergency Fund

Household budgeting can be intimidating, mainly because people envision having to create a giant spreadsheet and track every penny they spend. It’s easier to think of budgeting as planning, with at least a general idea of your fixed expenses and how much you typically need for unexpected expenses monthly, along with what you’d like to be able to spend on discretionary purchases. You’ve heard it before from the experts: a vital part of your household budget2 is an emergency fund. By having a basic understanding of your income and outgo, you can begin to set aside money to build that fund.

Start With an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is a savings account that typically consists of three to six months’ worth of fixed expenses, money that you can use in the event of a job demotion or loss, a big medical expense or an unexpected repair whose cost exceeds what you can pull from your checking account. In a recovering economy, it can be tough to think about setting aside enough for an emergency fund, and if you don’t have the funding (Read More….)

Future Shock And Our Jobs . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

In the printing business, we had an over scale position($5 a day over scale in the 1950s). That is equivalent in today’s currency to $50 a day over scale. No one ever made $50 a day over scale while I was there. Instead the money disappeared as our business changed.

Marking up advertising from sales people’s layouts was a kind of mechanical engineering. My mentor in this part of the trade was a man who knew his type so well, he could give it the proper markup in his sleep. He could literally visualize what it would look like as a finished product.

This was hot type. It was done on linotype machines. If he made an error it cost the company money to get it right. That was why very few printers ever became markup men in advertising.

Because this man was my friend, he went out on a limb and taught me that part of the trade the right way. Most apprentices did not learn it well enough to become markup men.

Later on, the business changed again and again, and each time the skill level to do this markup was reduced. Eventually we built ads on lcd monitors (Read More….)

The Disaster Yet To Come And How We Need To Change It . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

I am not exactly qualified to be an economics person. I am basically anti-machine when it comes to the drastic takeover of industry. I am anti-foreign labor person as well. What I see happening is the natural competition of the market place taken to extremes. And that is what is destroying economies all over the planet. No one and I mean no one has come up with a successful plan to compete with this problem population.

There is no way any industry can compete with starving people in a national economy from India or China. We are talking about two populations that are massive. So massive that it is difficult to even conceive of how cheap human labor in those countries has become.

The nearest description I can come up with is an ant hill. That is how bad it is. In the 60s, a product produced here for $20 would be available there for $2. Add in shipping by bulk cheap carrier and you might come up with $3-$5 depending how far the product had to be shipped. Subtract a currency exchange way out of control and you are back down to maybe 75 (Read More….)

An Interview with a Career Welfare Vampire!

Authored By Dave Webb

I heard you turned down a full time job with good benefits, is that true?



If I had taken that job, I would have to take a big loss in my income per year.

How you figure that?

If I am under a certain income level, I qualify for Medicaid for me and my children. That insurance would cost me a lot of money otherwise.

If I am under a certain income level, I qualify for help with my utility bills.

I qualify for $350 a month in food stamps.

There are other benefits too. I am home a lot with my children while they are growing up.

I figure if I took that job, I would be down something like $1,000 in real income a month.

So if I took that job, I would not only not be home with my children, I would no longer qualify for any of these government benefits. I would have to make $35,000 a year to break even by working.

If I am working, I am paying taxes on that money. We all work for what we bring home, not what we make on paper. So if I (Read More….)

Jobs In Texas? Texas Oil Production at Its Highest Level Since 1992

In 2012, 604 million barrels of crude oil were delivered by Texas producers. This is the highest level of Texas oil production in two decades. Texas oil production last peaked in 1992 when 613 million barrels were produced.

This resurgence in Texas oil production has gradually built over the past five years. The natural gas boom did indeed hurt Texas oil producers. Back in 2007, oil production in Texas had fallen to just 391 million barrels.

The increase in Texas oil production in recent years has also brought about a modest increase in employment in the field. Between 2011 and 2012, jobs in the drilling and service sectors were up by 10 percent, while the oil and gas extraction sector experienced a 15 percent job growth. The recent oil boom has also transformed the real estate market in Texas with house prices doubling the past few years.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

While dwindling natural gas prices have unquestionably played a role in the resurgence of crude oil (Read More….)

Jobless and Hopeless? Try Being A Cab Driver!

In today’s society, it seems as if more and more people are struggling to find employment.  For those who don’t have any higher education, it is even more difficult than one can imagine.  Even though it may seem as if there is little hope, you always have options from which you can choose to land the perfect job.  Entering into the world of being a cab driver may prove to be one of the best moves you will ever make.  If you don’t have an advanced degree, you can still earn a decent wage from working as a cab driver.


If you are looking for a job that provides you with a tremendous amount of flexibility, driving a cab is the perfect alternative for you.  Since you are self-employed, you are in complete control of your working schedule and financial future.  You will enjoy all of the benefits and rewards that accompany working for yourself, so take the time to enjoy your new career and freedom.

You have the option of working as little or as much as you choose.  If you feel like parking underneath of a shady tree on a warm day to catch some shuteye, no one is going to tell you (Read More….)

Survive The Time between Graduation and Your Dream Job

Everyone stresses the importance of earning your college degree. When you hold a college degree, you are considered before those who do not possess a degree when you are applying positions in a relevant field. However, with so many college graduates searching for jobs, finding a job as soon as you graduate can be extremely difficult. You might be wondering what you can do when you are done with school and you are having difficulty finding a job that will further develop your skills in your desired field. Just because the economy is tough does not mean that your living expenses disappear when you are unemployed. If it is taking longer than normal to find a job in the field you have always wanted to work in, consider these tips to survive the time between graduation and your dream job.

When College Ends, Your Expenses Do Not End

After you start browsing through job boards to find openings for entry-level positions with the companies you want to work with, you will need to submit your resume and your application in hopes of getting an interview. While some graduates are lucky enough to find the (Read More….)