Long-distance Business Travel and Crisis Preparedness

Guest Post- J. Vanne

I don’t know what the future holds. Nor, in reality, do the elite in Washington, Brussels or Beijing.  Despite the hubris of the planners, the law of unintended consequences, as well as just “plain ol”  human error and ineptitude, will never allow man to create utopia, any more than a man can pull on his own bootstraps and lift himself up to Heaven.  We may be fortunate enough to see a renaissance in the West, much like what Reagan and Thatcher brought to light.  However, there are other indicators that do not bode well: For example, you may wish to review Reinhart and Rogarth’s book This Time is Different:  Eight Centuries of Financial Folly, on the utterly crushing nature of what out-of control debt can do to an economy and society that allowed it.  Or perhaps google work by Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston University, who has noted that if all unfunded liabilities in the U.S. were totalled, we are looking at not $16 trillion-ish reddish ink (now up to $17 trillion since I first began drafting this!), but actually $222 trillion. Do (Read More….)

Future Shock And Our Jobs . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

In the printing business, we had an over scale position($5 a day over scale in the 1950s). That is equivalent in today’s currency to $50 a day over scale. No one ever made $50 a day over scale while I was there. Instead the money disappeared as our business changed.

Marking up advertising from sales people’s layouts was a kind of mechanical engineering. My mentor in this part of the trade was a man who knew his type so well, he could give it the proper markup in his sleep. He could literally visualize what it would look like as a finished product.

This was hot type. It was done on linotype machines. If he made an error it cost the company money to get it right. That was why very few printers ever became markup men in advertising.

Because this man was my friend, he went out on a limb and taught me that part of the trade the right way. Most apprentices did not learn it well enough to become markup men.

Later on, the business changed again and again, and each time the skill level to do this markup was reduced. Eventually we built ads on lcd monitors (Read More….)

Who Owns You?

Authored By Dave Webb

In the coming default of the Federal Government on its debts, there is an important question all of us must ask of ourselves. Who owns you?

In ancient times if a person could not pay their debts they went to prison. It was called debtor’s prison for a reason. If you could not pay the government owned you body and soul until the debt was paid. If some relative cares for you it was assumed they would cover your debt to get you out of prison.

In Rome, they sold you as a slave if you couldn’t pay your debts.

In today’s world we do not sell people as slaves anymore. It is far too inefficient. Rather we delete their ability to borrow money which is just as bad.

If you cannot borrow money you cannot own a house. You cannot get a car loan so you are stuck with whatever junk you can pay cash for. You have no credit cards to cushion you in an emergency. Your housing rental is probably limited as well.

I am sure the list goes on. Like what kind of medical care can you get if you have no credit? It is all a kind of sophisticated slavery most of us endure in our (Read More….)

An Interview with a Career Welfare Vampire!

Authored By Dave Webb

I heard you turned down a full time job with good benefits, is that true?



If I had taken that job, I would have to take a big loss in my income per year.

How you figure that?

If I am under a certain income level, I qualify for Medicaid for me and my children. That insurance would cost me a lot of money otherwise.

If I am under a certain income level, I qualify for help with my utility bills.

I qualify for $350 a month in food stamps.

There are other benefits too. I am home a lot with my children while they are growing up.

I figure if I took that job, I would be down something like $1,000 in real income a month.

So if I took that job, I would not only not be home with my children, I would no longer qualify for any of these government benefits. I would have to make $35,000 a year to break even by working.

If I am working, I am paying taxes on that money. We all work for what we bring home, not what we make on paper. So if I (Read More….)

ObamaCare-$20,000 Minimum For Family of 5 With $200,000 Income!

Guest Post – Dave Webb

I just read a headline that Obama Care is going to cost a minimum of $20,000 for a family of five making $200,000 a year. I am sure they are out there somewhere. But I don’t know anyone making $200,000 a year with both members of the family working.

Hello, IRS, yes. I just called to inform you that I don’t make that kind of money and do not have those kind of resources at my command. Maybe, you could explain it better to me?

I just have a few basic questions I would like to ask before you haul me away to jail.

Are you going to charge all those illegal immigrants 20,000 per year per family? If so, how do you intend to collect?

Or how about all the unemployed people out there. Are they going to share a jail cell with us? I think it might get a little bit crowded in there. You might consider letting me stay in my own home until there is room. Like in 2050 or something. Course, I don’t know anyone that is 112 years old. So maybe it will solve itself before I have to serve any time.

Or how about all the gangs in major cities that pay no income tax, pay no social security, and certainly do not (Read More….)

Are Healthy Foods Affordable?

Eating healthily is something that many people wish to do. However, for various reasons, they never manage to do so. One of the most common reasons for failure is a tight financial situation. Maintaining a healthy diet is regarded as more expensive than maintaining an unhealthy diet.

However, the problem may have more to do with relative convenience than money. Fast food is instant.  While it is true that it is also usually inexpensive, healthy food, too, can be made affordable. As we shall see, it is even possible to eat relatively healthily in fast food restaurants.

A Healthy Diet Can Be Inexpensive

It is possible to eat a healthy diet while maintaining a healthy bank balance. The individual who is conscious of health and prudent with finances is able to spend no more than two dollars per food item, and that food item can still be very healthy.

Those who are health-conscious can eat foods high in fiber like potatoes and beans. These foods are also high in potassium. Moreover, that individual is able to purchase five bananas at a healthy convenience store such as Trader Joe’s for less than one dollar.  Each banana (Read More….)

Are Credit Card Companies Really Charging 83.3% Interest?

Everyone pays attention to the interest rate when shopping around for credit cards, but Finance Charge policies are rarely glanced at. Are credit card companys are really charging you 83.3% interest?   When a customer receives a $1000 loan from a bank, the bank in turn has the legal right to charge interest on the rate you borrowed the loan. If, for example, the interest rate were a fixed 10%, cost of borrowing the original $1000 would be at least $1100, in other words, the $1000 loan + $100 finance charge. Banks and credit card companies don’t expect most customers to borrow the loan and pay it back right away, and nor do most people pay on time every month. The bank allows customers a few days after that date to pay their bill, which is called a grace period. Payments received after the grace period can be assessed as late fees or additional (Read More….)