5 Reasons Every Person Must Know Behind Recent Global Economic Crisis

About Recent Global Economic Crises:

It is actually an ongoing 2007-2012 global economic and financial crisis having multiple factors directly or indirectly involved. Economic, political and organizational interests have played a main role in giving rise to these global crises.
This global financial and economic crisis generally seems to have affected few areas only, but on a close look, you will find everyone becoming a victim of this crisis. It has large effects on a common man. Many workers of massive companies have been bankrupted and many have become unemployed. There is an overall decline in every business.

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Some major reasons include:

1.Failure of Toxic Mortgages:

One major reason of this global economic crisis is the failure of toxic mortgages in US.

Some risky mortgages were actually packaged with few secure mortgages and were then sold as secure investment (Read More….)