Didnt Save for a Rainy Day? 3 Ways to Get out of a Financial Bind

Guest Post- Dixie S

Practically everyone knows that they’re supposed to put away money for a rainy day. In fact, having a substantial emergency fund is one of the keys to financial security. For many people who are recovering from a big financial setback or who are just starting out their independent lives, a rainy day fund is more of a goal than a reality. This means that when they get hit with a disaster, they will scramble to find a way to pay the bills. If this sounds like you, try the following three tips to get out of your financial bind.

Increase your income

The best way to get the money to pay for something is to earn it. Look for a part-time job that you can do around your full-time work schedule. Many bars, restaurants, and retail stores look for weekend and night-time help, and working a lot of hours will help you keep your expenses down. You may also want to consider offering your services as a babysitter, lawn mower, handyman, or even opening an online store to sell (Read More….)

Livin in a Buyers Paradise: Use the Recession to Your Advantage When Car Shopping

From homes to property to electronics we’ve all heard it before; today’s market is a buyer’s paradise. Automobile sales are one of the ways buyers are benefiting the most, as more people are selling than buying in the current recession. Sellers are willing to go lower to make a sale, which is what every buyer wants. With manufacturer deals, private seller desperation, low interest rates and options for people with bad credit, there are many advantages to a down economy. Whether you’re in the market for a family van, an off road or luxury vehicle or a sedan for making your daily commute, there are bargains on all makes and models right now. How can you take advantage?

More for Your Trade-In

Because less people are buying cars, more people are holding on to their older vehicles. Now with leasing options available for as low as $99 per month there are even fewer people selling and exchanging their vehicles to used-car lots. But this fact means if you are looking to trade in your old vehicle for something new, you are going to get more (Read More….)

Get Out Of Debt With The Envelope Method

Get Out Of Debt With The Envelope Method

Author: Charley Perriman

If you are trying to get rid of all of your debt, there are numerous methods available that can be extremely successful. One of the most crucial jobs you need to do to start eliminating your debt is to decide how you are going to set up your budget. One of the most common budget techniques out there is acknowledged as the envelope method.

To get started, you have to list all of your standard expenses. These are the expenses for which you routinely use a debit card or credit card. When you make your list, try to have it broken down into assorted categories like food, personal entertainment, grooming, or gasoline for your vehicle. Then, label an envelope for each category.

After you (

Simple Things You Can Do To Get Out Of Debt

In the video posted below, Sharon Epps, an executive vice president with Crown Ministries, gives practical steps on how to save money and get out of debt. Some of the tips on getting out of debt she suggests in the video include….

*Selling Items You No Longer Need

*Reducing Unnecessary Expenses

*Setting Up An Automatic Savings Program

Crown Ministries is a great resource and they always give out solid advice. We think that you will really enjoy the video below….

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Tips For Getting Out Of Credit Card Debt

Tips For Getting Out Of Credit Card Debt

Author: Dr. Marcilio

If you’ve found yourself in a bad financial situation, try some of these tips for getting out of credit card debt. While each tip might not work in every situation, you should be able to find something here that will help you get into a better place financially.

Getting out of debt does not have to be difficult or scary. True, it takes some dedication and hard work, but it does not require a superhuman effort. Instead, it involves following some simple tips for getting out of credit card debt that anyone can handle.

Make a Plan

Before you start working toward getting out of debt, you’ll need a plan. Without a plan, your efforts will be uncoordinated and frantic, like an animal trying to get out of a trap. With a plan, you (Read More….)

Break These 5 Financial Habits To Become Debt Free

Break These 5 Financial Habits To Become Debt Free

Author: Debt Free

None of us are perfect when it comes down to bad habits, but some are worse than others; not understanding your debt or finances is one of them. Kicking these bad habits into touch means that you can look towards becoming debt free:

1: Too many credit cards – Did you know that there are more credit cards than people in the UK? According to APACs, at the end of 2007 there were 73m credit and charge cards compared with around 60 million people.

Having too many credit cards means that you have the potential to get into too much debt. Although introductory offers many tempt you in, it is important that you take control of your credit card debt. Start by paying off the highest APR cards means that you can look forward to becoming debt free (Read More….)

Five Tips That Can Help You Get Out of Debt – How Consumers Can Legally Eliminate Debt

Five Tips That Can Help You Get Out of Debt – How Consumers Can Legally Eliminate Debt

By Ryan Worthington

Are you a consumer who ran into some financial trouble that has spiraled out of control? If so, you may be looking for tips on how you can get out of debt. If so, keep reading on for some helpful debt relief tips that you should implement today!

1 – Decide to Take Action

It is one thing to research your debt relief options and another thing to actually go through and implement them. Implement them is what you want to do. If you are serious about getting out of debt, be truly serious. Getting back on your financial feet isn’t too difficult, but it isn’t very easy either. Know and be prepared for some financial ups and downs.

2 – Focus Your Attention on Debt Settlements

When it comes to seeking debt relief, you have a number of choices. Three common choices include bankruptcy, consolidation, and settlement. Your best option is likely settlement (Read More….)