The Disaster Yet To Come And How We Need To Change It . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

I am not exactly qualified to be an economics person. I am basically anti-machine when it comes to the drastic takeover of industry. I am anti-foreign labor person as well. What I see happening is the natural competition of the market place taken to extremes. And that is what is destroying economies all over the planet. No one and I mean no one has come up with a successful plan to compete with this problem population.

There is no way any industry can compete with starving people in a national economy from India or China. We are talking about two populations that are massive. So massive that it is difficult to even conceive of how cheap human labor in those countries has become.

The nearest description I can come up with is an ant hill. That is how bad it is. In the 60s, a product produced here for $20 would be available there for $2. Add in shipping by bulk cheap carrier and you might come up with $3-$5 depending how far the product had to be shipped. Subtract a currency exchange way out of control and you are back down to maybe 75 cents for massive shipping of goods. The $20 is now at $200 for the same product. So it would cost $20 there.

Our own government people recognized this as far back as the 30s. Their answer was tariffs. If you cannot compete with their products then add to the price to bring our products into competition with them. That means that $20 product from China that is $3 has to have a $17 tariff attached to it to make our products competitive with theirs. That worked in the 30s to keep competition from Japan, China, and India from hurting us too badly.

The barn door has been open too long. The horses(meaning our corporations) have already left the building. Our stores are full of cheap products from China. There is no way back to genuine equalization of competition at this point in time.

To do so would make products selling for $3 increase in price overnight to $20. There is no way that our government can do that and survive economically.

I am anti-machine because the machines take over people’s jobs without compensation. The problem with all progress is the disruption it causes in people’s lives. A lot of those people are not capable of learning new ways of doing things. So they end up on the junk pile better known as welfare and unemployment. It is a jungle out there in the real world. And all of those people are food for the predators. With change must come responsibility. That means re-training people to earn a living at something else.

This is happening all over the world, not just here. We are on the verge of a massive collapse based on technological advances, robotics, anthill economics of poor nations, and gambling of derivatives of major banks throughout the world. The chickens have come home. The economies of every middle class nation on the planet are ready to come crashing down. I think it will happen within the next 3 months based on the errors in judgment our government and others are making.

What is going to happen?

  1. We are going to see currencies fail in a domino effect all over the planet.
  2. The entire banking system of the planet is going to be changed. There will be at least a 2-week bank holiday as governments around the world struggle to contain the disaster.
  3. Food is going to become a currency exchange. People have to have food and water to live.
  4. Gasoline is going to become a currency. This is basically part of a larger exchange of having energy to run the machines and transportation.
  5. The commodities markets are going to go crazy. Anyone with the ability to warehouse commodities and resources will become rich.
  6. Gold will skyrocket in price. That is until the government takes over the exchange of precious metals trades and keeps people from buying any of these things in a panic situation. Read about the Hunts and Silver and you then have an idea what governments are capable of doing to ruin people that speculate when it is advantageous.
  7. When the banks go down, they will steal people’s homes as there is no way to make house payments from banks that have failed. So your money is no good to pay your payments with. See Houston in 1988 if you don’t believe me. The Oil business went south for a while. Banks all over Houston failed. That did not stop them from foreclosing on people’s homes. Even though some of them had $150,000 in the bank that failed. They could not access their money in time to pay their mortgages, often to the bank that stole their money in the first place.
  8. What happened in 2007-8 will happen again only a lot worse.
  9. In a nation without a currency and banks, commodities, products, and services are going to be king. But it is going to be a hard road for anyone when that happens.
  10. The only people I know that will survive intact in this situation might be those that have prepared for it before it happens. Those people with adequate food supplies backed up. Those people that put their trust in God, not governments, to survive.
  11. There will be government intervention. It won’t be nice. I see riots all over this country if it is not quickly contained by intelligent use of resources to keep everyone taken care of temporarily until the nation is able to recover enough to put food in the stores, gasoline in the pumps, and a general relief from paying bills until the banks are back in business.
  12. I believe it will take universal credit cards instead of money at a set rate of exchange to keep this nation going until the crisis is over.
  13. It will take rationing of everything required to live.

This crisis will need leadership we have not known in the past. I hope the government is up to the challenge.

The other problem is those ant hills I was talking about in India and China. What happens when the markets all close down? How will they feed their peoples?

What do we do with India and China? This is the critical question that governments all over the planet have no answer for. A huge population that has to be fed? Or will they push them into some kind of war to eliminate people?

It is already happening in China with severe population control in place. One baby per family.

There is all ready signs of a huge male/female balance problem. They kill the females because everyone wants a male baby. The only way to get a male is to have no children in place. Males support the families in their old age. Females don’t. So what happens when you have a population of 75% males and 25% females? Besides an intense hormone problem, you have a commodity problem. How do you prevent a huge rebellion? You send the males off to war to be killed. That has been the historical answer that places like China have come up with in the past.

I think they all ready have a treaty with the U.S.S.R to cross their territory with a massive army. The army will then go over Russian Territory and build a bridge to go into Alaska. The deal will be to give Alaska to the U.S.S.R. They will invade Canada and eventually the United States. Russia will not engage in the war, just the profits of war.

How will they get us into a war? I suggest they will start an incident at Taiwan. They will destroy our navy battleships there and cross into and take over Taiwan.

That will put them at war with us.

What has to happen is not easy for anyone.

We have to stop using war as a convenient diversion to keep people from rebelling against their leaderships.

We have to cooperate with one another despite our differences in order to survive.

The world is much smaller now than it was in years past. What effects one effects all.

The world has to come up with a solution to both take the pressure off China and make sure everyone has enough to eat. China has too many people to feed itself when the economies of the entire world are having problems.

We have to direct those people to the means of survival. We are going to have to piece together a program to help them survive. That is going to take a lot of leadership on the part of China and the United States if it is going to happen at all. It is going to take salesmanship and diplomacy.

I think it is going to take a lot of engineers as well. The main problem with China being self-sufficient is arrid land that will not produce crops. That land has to be restored. That means shipping in plenty of water and other things to make it happen. It is going to take some sophisticated engineering to make it happen.

We have enormous amounts of land hidden in plain view. I refer to every continent’s shelves that extend many miles out to sea. In the past they have been useless. We have no choice, we have to make those shelves productive. No one is better than the Chinese at making something like that happen.

It is going to have to be a joint project.

The alternative is going to be a planet wide world war. No one wins a war like that. Even the winner will be a loser.

I am only an old printer. But even I can see what will happen next. My field in printing was related to engineering. What is needed is the combined engineering of both our countries to come up with solutions that will mean peaceful co-existence for both our countries for many years to come.


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