Healthy Ways To Deal With Hoarding

For many people, hoarding becomes a serious problem when their homes are overtaken by items they’ve accumulated – likely over several years or even an entire lifetime. While many people part ways with older items when they acquire new ones, people with hoarding tendencies often don’t. While hoarding can seem like an impossible problem to get over, the truth is that there are some healthy ways to deal with hoarding in your home or in a family member or friend’s home. It may take some time to get the house back to normal, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Get to the Root of the Problem

If you’ve been hoarding items in your home or you’re helping a friend or family member, getting to the root of the problem is essential. Take the time to really think the problem over or talk with somebody close to you. In some cases, therapy or counseling may be necessary if the hoarding started after a traumatic event.

However, not all hoarders need counseling. Knowing why the problem started in the first place can give many the (Read More….)

Who Owns You?

Authored By Dave Webb

In the coming default of the Federal Government on its debts, there is an important question all of us must ask of ourselves. Who owns you?

In ancient times if a person could not pay their debts they went to prison. It was called debtor’s prison for a reason. If you could not pay the government owned you body and soul until the debt was paid. If some relative cares for you it was assumed they would cover your debt to get you out of prison.

In Rome, they sold you as a slave if you couldn’t pay your debts.

In today’s world we do not sell people as slaves anymore. It is far too inefficient. Rather we delete their ability to borrow money which is just as bad.

If you cannot borrow money you cannot own a house. You cannot get a car loan so you are stuck with whatever junk you can pay cash for. You have no credit cards to cushion you in an emergency. Your housing rental is probably limited as well.

I am sure the list goes on. Like what kind of medical care can you get if you have no credit? It is all a kind of sophisticated slavery most of us endure in our (Read More….)