College Students: Are these Typical Expenses Worth the Money?

As a follow-up to a few recent articles examining whether tobacco or lotto tickets are worth the money, I’d be interested in understanding whether a few other things college students typically purchase are worth the money, too. As a college student, you probably know better than most how tough it is to make ends meet. You’re likely living on Ramen noodles and scrounging cash whenever you can. Based on my experiences, here are some typical college purchases that you can certainly live without (and save).

Picture Credit Cuyahoga Community College

1.    Single Coffee Drinks At Cafes.

When I reviewed my expenses after my first year in college, I can say with a straight face that my most costly single expense was coffee. Your university likely has a somewhat cheaper campus café, but no matter where you get your coffee, if you don’t make it yourself, it’s going to add up. Starbucks coffee drinks run between 2 and 6 dollars a pop. Even if you get one of (Read More….)