How Does The Ebb And Flow Of Mortgage Rates Affect The Real Estate Market In The US?

The rise and fall of mortgage rates is a constant content of financial news. In fact, just recently the real estate market in the US had been assailed with an all time low rate, brought about by the downturn in the employment rate of the nation as contained in a certain official report. For the general population this might not mean anything as much as the rise and fall of stocks and bonds, which some of them have probably invested. However, for the potential homebuyers, the outcome of this flow and ebb of mortgage rates is invaluable. You see, when rates are lower, more people have the capacity to purchase expensive real estate since interest rates would be lower. Hence, potential homebuyers as well as sellers would probably be always on the lookout for this phenomenon, to make the most of the opportunity presented. Sellers of real estate as well would be looking forward to this event since they would be able to attract more buyers due to the low mortgage rates.

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