Why Gold Prices Have Been Going Up For 50 Years

If you have been watching the investment markets in either the short or long-term, you have definitely noticed the important trend happening in precious metals. The precious metals market, especially gold, has been on the rise for the past five decades with little more than a bump to deter the profits of investors. No other type of investment has been able to replicate this type of success. What is so special about the precious metals market, and gold in particular, that has provided investors with steady and relevant gains for five decades? It is easy to begin an analysis with the thought that gold is a safe haven for economic uncertainty. Over the past 50 years, the world has experienced a great deal of economic downturns and political crises. There may have been decades that were up and decades that were down, but put together and adjusted for inflation, the markets have been very volatile and the investment landscape was rough.

Gold has not been affected by these crises because it has ALWAYS been in demand. Its limited production around the (Read More….)