What are Structured Settlements and Advantages of a Non-qualified Structured Settlement

Anyone can have financial problems every now and again. Unfortunately, some people face financial problems more often than other people do. They end up getting debt settlement advice to overcome their financial problems. One large financial problem many people face is their settlements. Today, we analyze what structured settlements are and the advantages of non-qualified structured settlements.

What are Structured Settlements?

As the name implies, structured settlements are agreements between two parties. Structured settlements are usually insurance or financial agreements that have been put forward and approved by the Internal Revenue Code.

These settlements are usually made against settlement claims when a person suffers personal injury. If you have ever heard of a court case that was settled out of court, it is more than likely that a structured settlement was involved.

Structured settlements were first used in Canada, where families (Read More….)

Debt Management Program

The latest recession has taught many people some hard truths about credit and finance. With those hard truths came tough realities, such as dealing with financial burden. When the burden becomes too big to handle, there are some steps you can take to regain your footing and take the financial bull by its horns. One of the steps you can take is debt consolidation, which simplifies your finances and therefore makes it easier to manage.

Debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple bills and loans into one bulk payment per month. There are generally four options and methods for consolidating debt: refinance of debt, personal loan debt consolidation, debt settlement, and consolidation through a debt management program.

Refinance of Debt

Sometimes referred to as debt restructuring, refinance of debt is the process of changing the terms and conditions of a debt obligation. Usually, the goal of debt through refinance is to take advantage of better interest rates, reduce monthly payment sums, and reduce risk.

In these economic times refinance of debt is the most difficult (Read More….)