ObamaCare-$20,000 Minimum For Family of 5 With $200,000 Income!

Guest Post – Dave Webb

I just read a headline that Obama Care is going to cost a minimum of $20,000 for a family of five making $200,000 a year. I am sure they are out there somewhere. But I don’t know anyone making $200,000 a year with both members of the family working.

Hello, IRS, yes. I just called to inform you that I don’t make that kind of money and do not have those kind of resources at my command. Maybe, you could explain it better to me?

I just have a few basic questions I would like to ask before you haul me away to jail.

Are you going to charge all those illegal immigrants 20,000 per year per family? If so, how do you intend to collect?

Or how about all the unemployed people out there. Are they going to share a jail cell with us? I think it might get a little bit crowded in there. You might consider letting me stay in my own home until there is room. Like in 2050 or something. Course, I don’t know anyone that is 112 years old. So maybe it will solve itself before I have to serve any time.

Or how about all the gangs in major cities that pay no income tax, pay no social security, and certainly do not operate any of their drug income inside the IRS tax code?

Or how about the prostitution trade? Are they going to have health insurance now? I have no idea what the current price is. Probably around $250 a John. I don’t remember them filing income tax returns, do you? Yet they certainly probably qualify for over $200,000 a year. They spend it of course on things that are illegal, so I guess they are on welfare as well. Probably not.

Oh, that is none of my concern? Hmm . . . You do understand that unequal treatment under the law is just cause to have a law thrown off the books don’t you?

It doesn’t apply to the IRS. Oh . . . It only applies to working Mundane Citizens that are easy to keep track of? Well that makes sense, I think . . . So the courts don’t concern themselves in this case with equal treatment under the law? Sounds like a fixed situation to me . . . Your not subject to the same laws we are? I have always suspected that . . .

It doesn’t apply to me. I am on Social Security(going broke, won’t be able to pay us soon) and Medicare. As soon as you steal the rest of my savings, I will probably qualify for welfare and medicaid. Are all those people eligible to go to jail for not paying for health care?

I know this just makes sense in writing. But doesn’t a law have to be simple enough for everyone to understand it? I refer to people with average intelligence and a grade school education. I understand the law has gotten so complicated that you need a degree to understand it.

I understand the new Obama Care law is getting just as complicated as the bureaucratic law of the IRS. That was a good call to put them in charge of enforcing something so complicated that no one will be able to understand it in the end.

I must be just plain stupid. Because I always thought ordinary citizens should be able to understand the basics of any law put through a court room and 12 people on a jury. Lawyers don’t even understand the entire IRS laws. So why are they still on the books?

Why does the IRS still exist if there is no basis in law for them to do so?

The problem with any law is enforcement. If the majority of the people of this country cannot afford Obama Care as it is written, then I suggest that our legislatures do something, anything, to stop it from happening. Otherwise, just like prohibition, the entire system of justice becomes nothing more than a tragic sad joke that ruins way too many people’s lives.

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