How Investing In Scrap Gold Can Help You Save Money

Gold is among the most popular and precious metals known by many people all over the world. Most people want to wear fancy gold jewelleries and accessories. There are many ornamental products that are manufactured with this wonderful metal. Such items are referred to scrap gold. These products include old watches, coins, broken jewellery, wires and nuggets. Gold in these items can easily be recovered and restored. For a long time, many people were unaware about selling scrap gold. The price of this precious metal has increased every month.

Selling gold when the price is high can be very profitable. Many things come to your mind when you think about selling your gold. You will think about places where you can sell it and get a good profit. Most people are not aware about the price of gold even when it is out of fashion or broken. It is important to know that the price of gold has been increasing and most people are now buying scrap gold. This gives them a chance to make more profits. Even when the prices are going down you can still sell your gold at a better price. You can sell your gold and buy (Read More….)

Overloaded with Debt and No Jobs to Be Had

By MN Gordon Economic Prism

The Federal Open Market Committee met on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The masses waited with anticipation.  What did they talk about?

Generally, they talked about price controls.  More exactly, they talked about controlling the price of the economy’s most important and fundamental element…its money.  By controlling the price of money they can influence the price of every single good and service there is.

Some believe this is for the good of the people.  That it will somehow boost consumption and stimulate demand.  That it will create a new hiring boom.  We have our reservations.

When it comes to the Fed, they believe – or at least pretend to believe – that with just the right policy mix the economy will be restored to glory.  But what’s the right mix…and how can a handful of bureaucrats with a handful of charts ever know what it is?

After several days of belaboring (

Working From Home: The Dominant Model of the Future?

Working from home is becoming more common, but it’s not likely to replace the current business model any time soon. Working from home is still very much the exception to a traditional workplace because it is more difficult for supervisors or managers to keep tabs on their employees. There are certain technologies that may make it easier for managers to allow their employees to work from home, but it probably won’t be adopted on a widespread scale for many years.

Why is Working from Home Becoming so Common?

Working from home has become more common because technology has increased. Laptops are now easier to work with, faster, and more powerful. High-speed Internet and remote technologies have also enabled users to quickly and securely log into company networks, though this carries with it a variety of (Read More….)

Fix Up Your Spare Room to Increase Your Income

If you are interested in making money, then you should consider fixing up your spare room to make extra money. Homeowners across the country are making a lot of money fixing up their spare rooms and renting them out on a short and long-term basis. By taking the time to fix up your spare room, you may be able to start generating extra money that you can use anyway your wish.

Start Earning an Unlimited Amount of Money With Your Spare Room

Even if you do not need to raise cash, renting out your spare room may be a great way to recoup the money you spend to maintain your spare room. Since a spare room can cost a homeowner as much as $350,000 over a 30-year period, renting out a spare room can help homeowners recoup some of the money they have spent on the room over the years.

Each day, people from all over the world go online to find spare rooms to rent out on a short and long-term basis. (Read More….)

Five Reasons The U.S. Needs to Drill for More Oil on American Soil

Oil is a crucial resource. It powers businesses and homes with heat and electricity, and provides workers with a steady income. Unfortunately, many people such as the EPA and other radical environmentalist groups and individuals want to impede the drilling process for fear-mongering and authoritarian reasons. Some of these reasons include: global warming, destruction of animal habitats, oil depletion, and destruction of Earth. Their justifications are specious. Preventing oil drilling would only hurt American citizens, not help. Here are five reasons why the United States should drill oil on the home front.

Picture Credit- Belridge, California, USA, 2003 Edward Burtynsky Photography

America has a sky-high unemployment rate.

The current U.S. unemployment rate is about 7-8%. There are many individuals and families who are in dire need of a stable occupation. Industrial energy (Read More….)

Jobs In Texas? Texas Oil Production at Its Highest Level Since 1992

In 2012, 604 million barrels of crude oil were delivered by Texas producers. This is the highest level of Texas oil production in two decades. Texas oil production last peaked in 1992 when 613 million barrels were produced.

This resurgence in Texas oil production has gradually built over the past five years. The natural gas boom did indeed hurt Texas oil producers. Back in 2007, oil production in Texas had fallen to just 391 million barrels.

The increase in Texas oil production in recent years has also brought about a modest increase in employment in the field. Between 2011 and 2012, jobs in the drilling and service sectors were up by 10 percent, while the oil and gas extraction sector experienced a 15 percent job growth. The recent oil boom has also transformed the real estate market in Texas with house prices doubling the past few years.

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

While dwindling natural gas prices have unquestionably played a role in the resurgence of crude oil (Read More….)

Scraps of Paper Be Damned

By MN Gordon, Economic Prism

Today we begin with several data points…

First, if you hadn’t noticed, gold and silver bullion coins are selling faster than boysenberry funnel cakes at the county fair.  January 2013 U.S. Mint bullion sales of the American Eagle 1-ounce gold coin increased 47 percent from January 2012.  In addition, American Silver Eagle (1-oz) bullion coins sold by the U.S. Mint rose 22 percent in January 2013 from January 2012.

Second, Olin Corporation, the biggest retail supplier of small-caliber ammunition, enjoyed a jump in pretax earnings at its Winchester unit to $16.5 million during the fourth quarter from $500,000 the year before.  By our rough calculation that’s an increase in pretax earnings of 3,300 percent.

Third, the S&P 500 just notched its best January in 16 years.  For the month, it (Read More….)

The Best Ways Small Businesses Can Minimize Legal Costs

If you are a small business owner and you want to keep your legal fees at a minimum, begin by explaining exactly what needs to be done. This means that you must have your priorities in order and know what your attorney’s work will encompass.

Making your choice

Generally speaking, a business owner will find that many lawyers are available in their area, and it is a good idea to do some comparison shopping before you pick one. Remember that most attorneys offer a free initial consultation, which will enable you to focus on the major issues you are facing when you meet. In addition, if you make it known that you are in the midst of selection process, the attorneys you contact will know that they must stand out from the rest if they want you to hire them.

What you can do

While you are trying to determine which attorney you contact best suits your needs, be very specific about your budget for legal matters. Then, the candidates should be able to present a billing structure that is a good match for it. (Read More….)