Long-distance Business Travel and Crisis Preparedness

Guest Post- J. Vanne

I don’t know what the future holds. Nor, in reality, do the elite in Washington, Brussels or Beijing.  Despite the hubris of the planners, the law of unintended consequences, as well as just “plain ol”  human error and ineptitude, will never allow man to create utopia, any more than a man can pull on his own bootstraps and lift himself up to Heaven.  We may be fortunate enough to see a renaissance in the West, much like what Reagan and Thatcher brought to light.  However, there are other indicators that do not bode well: For example, you may wish to review Reinhart and Rogarth’s book This Time is Different:  Eight Centuries of Financial Folly, on the utterly crushing nature of what out-of control debt can do to an economy and society that allowed it.  Or perhaps google work by Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston University, who has noted that if all unfunded liabilities in the U.S. were totalled, we are looking at not $16 trillion-ish reddish ink (now up to $17 trillion since I first began drafting this!), but actually $222 trillion. Do (Read More….)

How A Bridging Loan Can Help With Your Finances

Bridging loans are quite a lifesaver when it comes to real estate and property settlement. They are also ideal when it comes to closing deals and avoiding foreclosures. A bridging loan is money obtained from a financier within a period of 2 weeks to 2 years for the purposes of financing and existing financing. The bridging loans will need more incentive and are more expensive than the normal loans. The reason for this is that they are much more risky for the financing party. This is because of the time period and the skipping of bureaucracy. Bridging loans are offered by banks and other financial institutions for the purpose of helping investors and property owners with the processes of acquiring investments and more property where time is of essence. There are short term bridging loans and long term bridging loans. The type of loans is dependent on the amount being given and the period the property has before handing over. There are various benefits of using bridging loans to finance properties.

Benefits of bridging loans

Bridging loans (

Loans With Bad Credit Online

In the recent years, people have found that financial institutions such as banks and credit card companies have cut back on the credit they are prepared to give. The economic crisis caused by the CDO problems of 2006/7 has left a more cautious sector but there are companies who realize that there is now a significant part of the population who need loans with bad credit.

When the crisis hit it had an immediate impact on employment; several financial institutions collapsed, others cut back dramatically on staff but the problem spread much further than these companies.  Jobs were lost in all sectors of the community, people began to default on their mortgages, and repossession was a consequence. Bills of all kinds remained unpaid and that in itself had a knock on effect to make matters worse.

There was no doubt that many families were shocked by the unexpected crisis and never expected to find themselves in financial difficulty. Neither did they expect to ever need personal loans for people with bad credit as a solution to their problems.

There have always been companies who (

Leasing vs Loans

Aside from the fortunate few with several thousands of dollars in their wallets, most of us cannot buy a car upfront. Both leasing and taking out auto loans are efficient ways to purchase automobiles without having to fork over an entire life’s savings.

So which one is right for you? Consult our guide on Leasing vs. Loans to find out!



There are many advantages to leasing a car. With good credit, upfront payments are low and monthly payments are cheaper than monthly auto loan payments. As most cars are under warranty for three years, your leased vehicle will be covered for mechanical damages for the duration of its Edmunds.com-recommended three-year lease. What this means: low down payments, low monthly payments, and low maintenance costs. Hooray!

Lease enthusiasts also enjoy the ability of driving three cars in the span of time others typically drive just one. In addition to enjoying the cache of a brand new car every few years, leasers are less likely to need major repairs.


As you already know with renting vs. home owning, renting is more affordable on the short (Read More….)

Tips For Finding Fast Cash Advance Loans Online

When tough economic times strike everyone is left tightening their financial belt in order to protect themselves or their family from financial disaster. Financial hardship can be blind, striking individuals of any class with equal ferocity. The current economic climate in the U.S., and across the globe, can best be described as hectic. With so much financial uncertainty in the air, millions find themselves in need of fast cash but cannot always determine the best manner in which to obtain it.

Regardless of your financial standing, cash advance loans are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help cover bills of any kind that arrive in between paychecks. Fast cash advance loans are available without a credit check and only require a few simple pieces of information to get the process rolling and get money in your account quickly.

The traditional route to obtaining a fast cash advance loan required going to a cash (Read More….)