Knowing the Average Life of Your Household Appliances

Many people rely on household appliances for cleaning, cooking, personal hygiene and more. While household appliances play an important role in modern society, not all appliances are built to last for a long time. The following guide provides simple tips and tricks on how to determine the average life of household appliances.

Most household appliances are designed to last for at least 10 years. While some may last for a longer time, this can vary based on the way the household appliance is used. For example, a dishwasher that is used every day will break sooner than the dishwasher in a guesthouse that is used once a month.

Modern appliances are usually manufactured to last for a predetermined length of time. In many cases, the length of time an object will last is based on its use and maintenance. For example, the United States Air Force routinely uses fighter planes that have been in service for over 40 years. While this is a very long time to keep a machine running, a high-quality construction and a rigorous maintenance schedule can keep things running for a very long time.

Durability Doesn’t Come Standard

While it would be nice to have household appliances that last for decades, consumers usually aren’t willing to pay the additional cost for increased durability. For example, few modern consumers would want to be use a refrigerator that was manufactured in the 1970s. Even if it still worked, it wouldn’t have the modern style and accessories that can be found on today’s refrigerators.

Many consumers prefer new features instead of increased durability. While vacuum cleaners from 40 years ago can do a good job cleaning a rug, they don’t have HEPA filters and bagless canisters. Every new technological innovation makes older appliances obsolete.

Know Beforehand How Long It Will Last

When buying household appliances, there are several easy ways to determine its expected life. One of the best ways is by checking the warranty of the appliance. In many cases, a product will be designed for maximum performance through the end of its warranty period. While it may last for longer than its warranty, this can be a gamble in many cases.

Different brands have different levels of durability. In many cases, brands that have been established for a long time will offer very durable goods. However, it’s not a good idea to ignore new brands; some new appliances also offer great levels of durability.

One of the best ways to determine the durability of a product is by checking out a consumer reports review. Consumer reports can be a great way to learn about experiences that previous customers have had with a product.

Reputation Isn’t Everything

It’s important to remember that a product’s reputation may not mean as much as it did at one time. For example, many large companies use their brand name to manufacture low-cost goods in developing nations. After these goods are manufactured, they are shipped to the United States and sold at a significant premium. In many cases, a product line that has been around for decades will have some entries that are of significantly lower quality.

For example, Frigidaire has been manufactured refrigerators for almost 50 years. While this brand name has a positive reputation among many consumers, it’s important to remember that many modern Frigidaire units are manufactured outside the United States. In some cases, these units can suffer from poor product quality.


This article was composed by Ty Whitworth for the team at Janitorial services in Dallas.


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