Why Can You Catch A Breath Before Hyperinflation in the US Sets In?

You must have been reading a lot about how hyperinflation is the first phenomena that you will come across when you wake up tomorrow morning. You must have also started looking for shelters and making contingency plans with your friends and family. Stop all this noise right there and read on to find why you are wasting precious time and energy. Here are 2 reasons why hyperinflation will not be there for breakfast tomorrow:

1. It Is A Mid-Range Possibility

Almost all economists agree to the fact that the decline of the dollar has started with the world superpowers starting to favor Yen over Dollar (to be specific, anything that is not the US dollar). Some people have also been routing for gold and silver reminding everyone of the Greek and Roman civilizations. But every economics and currency expert agree on one thing, this change will take at least a decade to set off in full motion and a couple more to complete the transformation (Read More….)