Healthy Ways To Deal With Hoarding

For many people, hoarding becomes a serious problem when their homes are overtaken by items they’ve accumulated – likely over several years or even an entire lifetime. While many people part ways with older items when they acquire new ones, people with hoarding tendencies often don’t. While hoarding can seem like an impossible problem to get over, the truth is that there are some healthy ways to deal with hoarding in your home or in a family member or friend’s home. It may take some time to get the house back to normal, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Get to the Root of the Problem

If you’ve been hoarding items in your home or you’re helping a friend or family member, getting to the root of the problem is essential. Take the time to really think the problem over or talk with somebody close to you. In some cases, therapy or counseling may be necessary if the hoarding started after a traumatic event.

However, not all hoarders need counseling. Knowing why the problem started in the first place can give many the (Read More….)

Hulu Or Netflix: Which One Is More Worth Your Dollars?

Most consumers used to just sign up for cable without thinking about the alternatives, but the era of cable bundles may be coming to an end soon. Many people are finding that they would rather watch television online using their mobile devices as well as their gaming consoles and computers for a flat-rate that is much lower than cable.

Netflix currently has about ten times as many subscribers as Hulu, but their service has also been around much longer. Netflix has pledged to spend five billion dollars on acquiring new content throughout the next five years. They will be focusing on acquiring all of the most popular movies and television shows.

Hulu is owned by ABC, NBC and FOX. They currently offer customers the current season of shows from these networks for streaming. In addition to their large selection of television offerings, Hulu is currently experimenting with the addition of movie titles.

Accessibility and Content

Hulu and Netflix can both be streamed on many different devices, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and Blu-Ray players. They both allow customers to stream (Read More….)

Debt-Free Isnt for Dummies, But It Could Be for You: 4 Ways to Trim Your Monthly Bills

NPR reports that since the beginning of 2011, the average American wages and the cost of living have been moving in opposite directions. Wages aren’t keeping up with inflation, and that’s not taking things like health insurance costs into consideration. In fact, since 2010 the average hiring wage for workers has continuously gone down, and many professionals have been forced into lower-paying jobs. Add in the mortgage crisis and healthcare costs, and many of us have found ourselves in dire need of downsizing our lives.

Downsizing is tough. While it seems easy for many to adjust from rags to riches, riches to rags is a humbling experience. Keep your head held high and take the time to learn and apply the practical adjustments below. Adaptability is how the strong survive.

Trade in that Lease and Go Used

Trading in your leased vehicle for a used car is one of the wisest ways to ditch a major gratuitous expense. Status and comfort are nice, but so is financial (Read More….)

The Less-Than-Glamourous Costs Of A Medical Education

MDs will continue to be perceived as a well-paid group. Even “underpaid” general practitioners are very likely to be envied for their income by people outside the medical professional. This image will apply, to some extent, only to those who establish themselves as MDs. Students who do not complete all MD education requirements will be saddled with tremendous debt, typically without correspondingly high income. The image of the wealthy MD will remain with some merit, but it will gloss over very real and significant costs and risks for existing, and especially prospective MDs.

Implicit Costs

Medical doctors need to commit at least seven years, maybe as much as ten or eleven, to hefty student loans and low pay during schooling. Assuming an average salary of $45,000 for at least seven years for an undergrad who forgoes med school, an MD’s wealth is implicitly $45,000 x 7 = $315,000 in the red when starting out.

Supply and Demand

The BLS estimates physician demand to rise significantly faster than average through 2020, with especially strong job (Read More….)

Livin in a Buyers Paradise: Use the Recession to Your Advantage When Car Shopping

From homes to property to electronics we’ve all heard it before; today’s market is a buyer’s paradise. Automobile sales are one of the ways buyers are benefiting the most, as more people are selling than buying in the current recession. Sellers are willing to go lower to make a sale, which is what every buyer wants. With manufacturer deals, private seller desperation, low interest rates and options for people with bad credit, there are many advantages to a down economy. Whether you’re in the market for a family van, an off road or luxury vehicle or a sedan for making your daily commute, there are bargains on all makes and models right now. How can you take advantage?

More for Your Trade-In

Because less people are buying cars, more people are holding on to their older vehicles. Now with leasing options available for as low as $99 per month there are even fewer people selling and exchanging their vehicles to used-car lots. But this fact means if you are looking to trade in your old vehicle for something new, you are going to get more (Read More….)

Spelling Out In Simple Terms- WHAT IS WRONG

Authored By Dave Webb

The future is controlled by economics. So has the past been controlled by economics. In theory, money represents commodities. And commodities are what controls everything we know.

The current economic situation is controlled by how much it costs you and me to buy commodities. The price of basics determine how well we all live.


How much does it cost you to own your car?

Do you have a lease or car payment?

How much does it cost to maintain the car?

How much does it cost to fill the tank and how long does it last you?

What do you pay per month for insurance?

What do you set aside for emergency repairs?


Do you plan for food? When I was in service I never gave it a second thought. (Older married men wanted a refrigerator and bought their own food.)

Do you plan to eat out occasionally and how much do you set aside for that?

Place to live:

Most of us start out renting. Is it possible to own a house?

Pay your (

How A Bridging Loan Can Help With Your Finances

Bridging loans are quite a lifesaver when it comes to real estate and property settlement. They are also ideal when it comes to closing deals and avoiding foreclosures. A bridging loan is money obtained from a financier within a period of 2 weeks to 2 years for the purposes of financing and existing financing. The bridging loans will need more incentive and are more expensive than the normal loans. The reason for this is that they are much more risky for the financing party. This is because of the time period and the skipping of bureaucracy. Bridging loans are offered by banks and other financial institutions for the purpose of helping investors and property owners with the processes of acquiring investments and more property where time is of essence. There are short term bridging loans and long term bridging loans. The type of loans is dependent on the amount being given and the period the property has before handing over. There are various benefits of using bridging loans to finance properties.

Benefits of bridging loans

Bridging loans (

Live the Life of Your Dreams With These Money Saving Tips

What dreams do you and your spouse share? Maybe you want to build your dream house, finance your child’s college education or travel around the world. These dreams require money, and money doesn’t grow on trees. Smart shopping is one way you can save the cash you need and finance your dreams.

Smart shopping starts with coupons. By clipping paper coupons from the Sunday newspaper inserts, you can save money on groceries, toiletries and cleaning supplies. Use online coupons too. Send them to your grocery or drugstore loyalty card or scan money saving QR codes to your smartphone, and save money at the checkout counter.

In addition to using coupons, delay your purchases until the items you want to buy go on sale. There’s no reason to pay full price on household goods, landscaping products or clothing. Buy these items during sales, and save a (Read More….)