3 Ways to Wisely Invest Small Amounts of Money

Even small amounts of money can show substantial growth when invested wisely. Small amounts of money also have the added benefit of allowing an investor to be riskier with their investments in the hopes of larger returns. There are many great ways to invest small amounts of money, especially today.

1. Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are stocks in extremely small businesses, so named because the stock prices are very cheap. Investors buy penny stocks in the hopes that the business will either grow dramatically or be purchased by another, larger corporation. Penny stocks are a challenge to an investor because the majority of small businesses will not grow, or will even go out of business. Penny stocks are a high-risk, high return, investment, which makes them perfect for investors that are looking to invest a small amount of money in hopes of a larger return.

2. Foreign Exchange

The foreign exchange market allows trades that are as low as just a few cents, and mini accounts will let traders (Read More….)

Future Shock And Our Jobs . . .

Authored By Dave Webb

In the printing business, we had an over scale position($5 a day over scale in the 1950s). That is equivalent in today’s currency to $50 a day over scale. No one ever made $50 a day over scale while I was there. Instead the money disappeared as our business changed.

Marking up advertising from sales people’s layouts was a kind of mechanical engineering. My mentor in this part of the trade was a man who knew his type so well, he could give it the proper markup in his sleep. He could literally visualize what it would look like as a finished product.

This was hot type. It was done on linotype machines. If he made an error it cost the company money to get it right. That was why very few printers ever became markup men in advertising.

Because this man was my friend, he went out on a limb and taught me that part of the trade the right way. Most apprentices did not learn it well enough to become markup men.

Later on, the business changed again and again, and each time the skill level to do this markup was reduced. Eventually we built ads on lcd monitors (Read More….)

How Does The Ebb And Flow Of Mortgage Rates Affect The Real Estate Market In The US?

The rise and fall of mortgage rates is a constant content of financial news. In fact, just recently the real estate market in the US had been assailed with an all time low rate, brought about by the downturn in the employment rate of the nation as contained in a certain official report. For the general population this might not mean anything as much as the rise and fall of stocks and bonds, which some of them have probably invested. However, for the potential homebuyers, the outcome of this flow and ebb of mortgage rates is invaluable. You see, when rates are lower, more people have the capacity to purchase expensive real estate since interest rates would be lower. Hence, potential homebuyers as well as sellers would probably be always on the lookout for this phenomenon, to make the most of the opportunity presented. Sellers of real estate as well would be looking forward to this event since they would be able to attract more buyers due to the low mortgage rates.

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Financial Tools You Can Use to Teach Your Kids Money Management

Providing your kids with a sound financial education is one of the most important steps you can take to promote a better future for them throughout their adult lives. A financial education will provide kids with the tools they need to make better spending and saving decisions. A key aspect of a solid financial education involves providing kids with money management tools and teaching them how to use those tools responsibly.

Checking and Savings Accounts

Many parents will open a savings account for their children very early on in life with birthday and holiday money. They may contribute to this account on their own as well. However, once kids are old enough, they can start working around the house to earn an allowance. When kids are old enough to work at a job outside the house, parents should help kids open a checking account at the bank.

With regular oversight and attention to these accounts, parents can teach children to save a portion of (Read More….)

The Time Is Nigh To Walk Away From The Table

“Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion,” once remarked Jack Kerouac.  Perhaps Kerouac had the stock market in mind when he made this observation…we don’t know.  But if he did, he would’ve likely perceived a stern warning from recent volatility index readings and investor complacency. The volatility index measures investor expectations of stock market volatility over the next 30 days.  Generally, a volatility index reading below 15 has been a good time to sell.  For example, in April 2011 the volatility index dropped below 15…presaging a swift 20 percent decline in the S&P 500. The first quarter of 2012 concluded last week.  If you can believe it, the stock market, as represented by the S&P 500, is off to its best start in 14 years.  Year-to-date it’s up 12 percent.

But while everyone was yielding to the popular opinion (Read More….)

Long Term And Short Term Solutions For Reducing Your Debt

Unfortunately, it’s always a lot easier getting yourself into trouble than it is getting yourself out. You can easily gain a pound by eating a box of donuts, but in order to lose it, you’ll have to cut back 500 calories a day, for an entire week. Or you can quickly destroy the US economy by overspending in Iraq, but when it’s time to “fix” the economy, well… we’re still figuring that out. If you’ve gotten yourself into any amount of debt, you probably understand quite a bit of this phenomenon. It’s a lot easier to max out your credit card than it is to pay back your bills. So if you’re having trouble pulling yourself out of debt, check out these long and short term solutions for reclaiming your financial health.

Long Term Solutions:

Your first priority is to stop increasing your debt.

In order to fix a problem, you must first understand the root of it. In terms of your debt, this refers to your spending. Begin getting a hold of your debt by tracking your spending. Write down every purchase you make, every day, no (Read More….)

Five Tips To Save More Money No Matter How Much You Earn

Generally, saving money conjures up thoughts of lengthy, complicated plans; however, including small daily changes make a big difference in a short time period. The financial experts at Lending Tree offer five tips for saving money on a daily basis.  Lending Tree gives free, no obligation information to individuals so they can take control of their financial future. The interactive tools and comprehensive resources empower individuals for successful management of their finances. Whether an individual needs help getting out of debt, creating a budget or boosting savings, Lending Tree assists with personalized advice, customized financial solutions and a suite of financial tools.  These five tips should be part of a comprehensive plan for managing debt and maintaining financial health. They are simple, practical tips for saving money.


Stop spending money for lunch at work by brown bagging it. Always pack desserts, drinks, snacks, and water to avoid spending money at the office soda machine or snack machine. Why not (Read More….)

Tips For Finding Fast Cash Advance Loans Online

When tough economic times strike everyone is left tightening their financial belt in order to protect themselves or their family from financial disaster. Financial hardship can be blind, striking individuals of any class with equal ferocity. The current economic climate in the U.S., and across the globe, can best be described as hectic. With so much financial uncertainty in the air, millions find themselves in need of fast cash but cannot always determine the best manner in which to obtain it.

Regardless of your financial standing, cash advance loans are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help cover bills of any kind that arrive in between paychecks. Fast cash advance loans are available without a credit check and only require a few simple pieces of information to get the process rolling and get money in your account quickly.

The traditional route to obtaining a fast cash advance loan required going to a cash (Read More….)