Faith In Jesus

Gary Keesee on Sid Roths show Its Supernatural

It’s time to stop being in debt and simply surviving. Gary Kessee has been referred to as a “Supernatural Scientist” to help you not just survive but thrive! Watch how Gary goes from being flat broke to having a company. Learn the simple secret of giving to the poor and asking God to plant that seed towards getting out of debt. The key is as simple as that, having faith in Jesus

Kerry Kirkwood on It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth – The Power of Blessing

Are you cursing your life? Kerry Kirkwood learned the ancient mystery of the Jewish Power of the blessing. Now whatever he blesses prospers. He even prayed for someone who had a quadruple bypass and the man grew new arteries! This really works! I suggest this teaching to everyone I know!

Here is a quick 2 page document that shares the very best evidence for Jesus. Are you skeptical? Check this out….

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