Long Term And Short Term Solutions For Reducing Your Debt

Unfortunately, it’s always a lot easier getting yourself into trouble than it is getting yourself out. You can easily gain a pound by eating a box of donuts, but in order to lose it, you’ll have to cut back 500 calories a day, for an entire week. Or you can quickly destroy the US economy by overspending in Iraq, but when it’s time to “fix” the economy, well… we’re still figuring that out. If you’ve gotten yourself into any amount of debt, you probably understand quite a bit of this phenomenon. It’s a lot easier to max out your credit card than it is to pay back your bills. So if you’re having trouble pulling yourself out of debt, check out these long and short term solutions for reclaiming your financial health.

Long Term Solutions:

Your first priority is to stop increasing your debt.

In order to fix a problem, you must first understand the root of it. In terms of your debt, this refers to your spending. Begin getting a hold of your debt by tracking your spending. Write down every purchase you make, every day, no (Read More….)

3 Ways To Save Money Using The Internet

In today’s economy, everybody is looking for a way to save money. While most are working on their budget, others are looking for alternative methods to save money. One great alternative way to save money is by using utilizing the Internet. Most people assume that the Internet is only used for information or social media, but there are great websites that help people cut back on their monthly expenses. Here are three ways you can save money with the Internet.

1. Buy Used

Sites like eBay and Craigslist make it very easy for consumers to purchase used goods. Amazon is also a great site for finding deals on various items. These sites are free to join and easy to use. While there is a risk of being scammed, especially on Craigslist, each of these sites have detailed instructions to help you identify a possible scam. Moreover, some sites have insurance policies that protect consumers from scammers.

2. Big Deals

By now, many families understand how important it is to save their coupons. Well, there are websites that help shoppers save even more money by offering online coupons. (Read More….)

5 Ways To Save Money On Your Education

Thanks to the economy, many people are returning to college to get a better education. More people understand just how important an education is to obtain a professional career. In fact, many college graduates are pursuing their Master’s degree and even Doctorate. However, obtaining a post-education can become expensive. To help you offset some of these costs for college courses, here are some tips.

1. Take Online Classes

These days, returning to school can be really stressful, especially for working professionals who may have a life and family to take care of. Because of this, many people are taking their college courses online. Taking online classes is not only convenient, it is also inexpensive. There are no meal plan fees, library fees, college campus fees and other fees associated with in-person learning. Moreover, many of the Nation’s top programs can be accomplished online, such as IT degrees, criminal justice, Business and software development.

2. Buy Used Books

College veterans know this tip all too (

3 Ways To Lower Your Spending

In this economy, families all across the nation are searching for ways to lower their spending. Instead of removing things from their budget, there are other ways to reduce their monthly expenses. Consider these three tips to help you lower your spending.

1. Cook at home

Some research suggested that nearly half of all families are accustomed to eating out more than three times a week. Initially, it does not seem too expensive to eat out, especially at fast-food restaurants, but the monthly totals can equal hundreds of dollars. In this economy, even just one-hundred dollars is a lot of money.

Additionally, some people state that cooking at home can become expensive, as well. However, with smart shopping, ingredients can be purchased at a fraction of the cost of eating out.

Moreover, along with saving money, eating at home is a great way for a family to spend time together. Dads can use their BBQ smokers to make some great food for the (Read More….)

Would Getting the Economy On Track Give Us A Free Pass Out of the Federal Budget Mess?

Would Getting the Economy On Track Give Us A Free Pass Out of the Federal Budget Mess?

By Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson, Authors of Where Does the Money Go? Rev Ed: Your Guided Tour to the Federal Budget Crisis

It looks like the country might finally be gearing up to tackle our massive federal deficits and growing federal debt. If history is any guide, serious debate about unpleasant things like cutting popular programs and raising taxes will be accompanied by plenty of people hawking miracle cures that will take away our pain.So it’s no surprise that a lot of commentators, on both the left and the right, say that the real answer to the deficit and national debt is to fire up the economy and “grow our way out of it,” with some even calling economic growth “the miracle deficit cure.”

There’s hardly anything more popular than prosperity. Business people thrive when the economy is growing; it creates jobs and rising incomes so workers like it too. If you’re a comic book fan, even super-villains like Lex Luthor and the Penguin enjoy the benefits. (Read More….)