Diversion Safes: How To Keep Money And Valuables Safe In Your Home

It’s always important to have a little extra money lying around your house in case of emergencies. Whether you’re facing an emergency or are simply in a hurry and don’t have time to stop by the ATM, having extra cash stashed around your home can save you a lot of stress and hassle. If you have expensive jewelry or precious metals lying around, you’ll need a place to keep small expensive items safe from thieves. Having a safe place in your home to hide cash and valuables is vital for protecting your assets. Here are a few places to stash things in your home that thieves will likely not think to look.

The Kitchen

When thieves loot a home, they’re looking to get in and out fast to avoid detection. So naturally, the kitchen is not the first place a thief would look, making it a great place to hide valuables. The freezer is a great place to keep a little extra cash, but some thieves do check there, so make sure it’s well disguised. Place your cash in a zip lock bag, then wrap it with aluminum foil and place it in the back of the freezer with a label on it to avoid detection. If you’re looking for other places to hide cash or small valuables in the kitchen, try putting them in a seldom used coffee cup or an old can or food container at the back of a cupboard.

The Living Room

The living room is another great place to keep valuables and cash safe from robbers. Small jewelry can easily be hidden in the stuffing inside of a cushion, and cash can be slipped between the pages of a book placed on a high shelf. Your family portraits may be precious to you, but most thieves won’t give them a second glance, making the space between a photo and the backing of a picture frame the perfect place to stash a few bills. Another great place to stash an envelope of cash is under something heavy, such as a potted plant or a piano that intruders will likely not bother to move.

The Bedroom and Bathroom

Your bedroom and bathroom are full of ideal places to stash your valuables. Most thieves will know to look through drawers and boxes, but they will rarely look through the pockets of old winter coats. The bathroom is another place where most people won’t look for valuables. If you’re waiting for a turn in the market to sell gold jewelry, old jars of moisturizer, which have been cleaned out (of course!), are prime places to store them.

Your house is full of places to stash extra cash and valuables, so get creative and find the most secure places to keep your things safe. Make sure the places you choose are out of the way, so people won’t stumble across them by accident. Remember, there is a chance that someone may find one of your hiding spots. Split your valuables into several different hiding spots to ensure you don’t lose everything. Most importantly, make sure you remember where you’ve hidden everything! Share the location of your hidden items with a spouse, relative, or trusted friend, to make sure your valuables and cash stay safe!

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  • Rebecca

    I think the most important lesson to gain from this article is spreading out your valuables.