Didnt Save for a Rainy Day? 3 Ways to Get out of a Financial Bind

Guest Post- Dixie S

Practically everyone knows that they’re supposed to put away money for a rainy day. In fact, having a substantial emergency fund is one of the keys to financial security. For many people who are recovering from a big financial setback or who are just starting out their independent lives, a rainy day fund is more of a goal than a reality. This means that when they get hit with a disaster, they will scramble to find a way to pay the bills. If this sounds like you, try the following three tips to get out of your financial bind.

Increase your income

The best way to get the money to pay for something is to earn it. Look for a part-time job that you can do around your full-time work schedule. Many bars, restaurants, and retail stores look for weekend and night-time help, and working a lot of hours will help you keep your expenses down. You may also want to consider offering your services as a babysitter, lawn mower, handyman, or even opening an online store to sell (Read More….)

Getting Out Of Debt Is It A Very Difficult Process?

You may incur debts due to various reasons. It might be that you have to take out a loan for an important purpose such as paying for some medical bills, home repair, your child’s education and so on. This makes you fall in debt which you need to pay back. You can also incur credit card debts due to excessive splurging and buying things on credit and then being unable to pay the entire bill at the end of the month. Whatever be the reason for you to incur debt, it is very much important that you get out of debt fast. Here are some methods that can help you to do away with your debts.

Plan a budget and follow – One of the main reasons for incurring debts is living beyond your means. In order to save enough money to pay back your debts, you need to reduce your expenditure. The only way in which you can do this is by planning out a weekly or a monthly budget. In your budget you should (Read More….)

Would Getting the Economy On Track Give Us A Free Pass Out of the Federal Budget Mess?

Would Getting the Economy On Track Give Us A Free Pass Out of the Federal Budget Mess?

By Scott Bittle and Jean Johnson, Authors of Where Does the Money Go? Rev Ed: Your Guided Tour to the Federal Budget Crisis

It looks like the country might finally be gearing up to tackle our massive federal deficits and growing federal debt. If history is any guide, serious debate about unpleasant things like cutting popular programs and raising taxes will be accompanied by plenty of people hawking miracle cures that will take away our pain.So it’s no surprise that a lot of commentators, on both the left and the right, say that the real answer to the deficit and national debt is to fire up the economy and “grow our way out of it,” with some even calling economic growth “the miracle deficit cure.”

There’s hardly anything more popular than prosperity. Business people thrive when the economy is growing; it creates jobs and rising incomes so workers like it too. If you’re a comic book fan, even super-villains like Lex Luthor and the Penguin enjoy the benefits. (Read More….)

Chinese Silver Demand Surges Incredible Four Fold in Just One Year

Gold is flat and silver marginally lower despite dollar weakness this morning. Some market participants are blaming the precious metal sell off on speculation that China may take more monetary action to curb surging inflation. This is unlikely to be the reason for the sharp selloff, rather it looks like another paper driven sell off in the futures market by leveraged players on Wall Street with various motives.

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The fact that silver is again in backwardation at the front end of the curve suggests that tightness in the physical bullion market continues and may even be deepening. Indeed, the massive increase in silver bullion demand from China (confirmed overnight – see below) suggests that silver’s bull market remains very much intact despite becoming overvalued in the short term towards the end of 2010.

Table Courtesy of Mitsui

Surging inflation in China, India, wider Asia and much of the world is of course positive for gold and silver as it will likely lead to an even greater appetite for the precious metals in order to protect against the ravages of inflation and the further (Read More….)

Getting Out Of Debt – A "How To Guide"

Getting out of debt – a ‘how-to’ guide

More and more people I know are falling into debt. Some of them have been able to clear their debts and get on with their lives, while others have struggled to repay what they owe and are still finding it difficult to get on top of their finances.

So, from my own experience, and from watching how my friends have done it, I have decided to put together this short guide about how you can get out of debt.

This three-point guide isn’t guaranteed to get you out of debt, but it should certainly help improve your financial situation.

Create a realistic budget

The first thing you should aim to do is create a realistic budget. I must stress the word ‘realistic’ here – because if your budget isn’t realistic, you will find that you won’t have enough money to cover the cost of your expenses.

I’ll give you an example here… my friend created her budget by writing down absolutely everything she earns and spends each month. She then subtracted the amount she spends from the amount she earns – this left her with the amount of money she has ‘spare’ each (Read More….)

Debt Settlement: How To Negotiate With Creditors Or Collection Agencies For Debt Settlement

Today we have a guest post from a reader named Martha that I think you all are really going to enjoy. She has some very interesting insights into debt settlement….


Debt Settlement: How to negotiate with creditors or collection agencies for debt settlement

Debt Settlement is the process of reduction in your debt amount. In the process of Debt Settlement the creditor reduces the debt amount to a certain limit and in return the debtor agrees to clear off the entire debt in a lump sum payment. Debt Settlement is also known as Credit Settlement and Debt Negotiation. The process of Debt Settlement does not arise till the consumer continues to pay off his amount regularly. It arises only when the consumer stops paying his installment regularly and the debt gets on accumulating.

The (