Mending Your Broken Credit Heart, Post-ID Theft

Identity theft is on the rise. There were roughly 12 million new identity theft victims in the U.S. last year, according to the Javelin Strategy & Research 2013 identity theft report, and that number is up for the second straight year. That works out to one new victim every three seconds, and if you or someone you love was one of them, you need to take measures to repair your credit.

File a Police Report

When you learn your information has been stolen, go to the police and make a formal report of identity theft, even if you’ve already contacted your creditors. According to the North Carolina Department of Justice, a police report gives you protections under federal and state laws and helps assure your creditors you are not committing fraud, since the report is considered your sworn testimony that a theft occurred. It also provides you with a security freeze on your accounts.

File the report with the police department where the crime took place or your local police department, if that (Read More….)

5 Things to do Before Moving into Your First Family Home

When a couple moves into their first family home, they want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. As such, here are five things every potential homeowner should do before moving into their first family home.

Secure A Great Mortgage

Every applicant has a certain style of mortgage that is right for them. For instance, veterans can take advantage of A VA hybrid loan, or can research a VA hybrid review to see if this type of loan is right for them. Many first time home buyers take advantage of mortgages that (Read More….)

Healthy Ways To Deal With Hoarding

For many people, hoarding becomes a serious problem when their homes are overtaken by items they’ve accumulated – likely over several years or even an entire lifetime. While many people part ways with older items when they acquire new ones, people with hoarding tendencies often don’t. While hoarding can seem like an impossible problem to get over, the truth is that there are some healthy ways to deal with hoarding in your home or in a family member or friend’s home. It may take some time to get the house back to normal, but it doesn’t have to be an uphill battle.

Get to the Root of the Problem

If you’ve been hoarding items in your home or you’re helping a friend or family member, getting to the root of the problem is essential. Take the time to really think the problem over or talk with somebody close to you. In some cases, therapy or counseling may be necessary if the hoarding started after a traumatic event.

However, not all hoarders need counseling. Knowing why the problem started in the first place can give many the (Read More….)

Spending Cleanse 2013

So it has come to this.

June Goals

1. No one needs any clothes. We just don’t. We’re good.
2. Tchotcke, extra “stuff” purchases of any kind are a no-no.
3. I will get my internet bill down. Oh yes. . . I will.
4. Entertainment purchases/expenses for this month are completely banned.
5. Eating out is also completely banned with a couple very slight, pre-planned outings.
6. The purchasing of extra, unneccessary and always unhealthy foodstuffs at the grocery store are also against the code.
7. Lowe’s & Home Depot trips: grounded.
8. No Chinese for me.

Can we talk about what I’ve learned through all this? Again?

-I’ve learned that shopping was actually a hobby for me. And I missed it when I first cut myself off. And on that note,

-I’ve learned that in my attempt to completely organize and declutter my house, coupled with curbing excessive spending, is that my past need to purchase and collect “stuff” is absolutely counterproductive to organizing a home. Not purchasing “stuff” and keeping a home organized are 100% connected. Read more of this fantastic post at (Read More….)

Hulu Or Netflix: Which One Is More Worth Your Dollars?

Most consumers used to just sign up for cable without thinking about the alternatives, but the era of cable bundles may be coming to an end soon. Many people are finding that they would rather watch television online using their mobile devices as well as their gaming consoles and computers for a flat-rate that is much lower than cable.

Netflix currently has about ten times as many subscribers as Hulu, but their service has also been around much longer. Netflix has pledged to spend five billion dollars on acquiring new content throughout the next five years. They will be focusing on acquiring all of the most popular movies and television shows.

Hulu is owned by ABC, NBC and FOX. They currently offer customers the current season of shows from these networks for streaming. In addition to their large selection of television offerings, Hulu is currently experimenting with the addition of movie titles.

Accessibility and Content

Hulu and Netflix can both be streamed on many different devices, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and Blu-Ray players. They both allow customers to stream (Read More….)

Debt-Free Isnt for Dummies, But It Could Be for You: 4 Ways to Trim Your Monthly Bills

NPR reports that since the beginning of 2011, the average American wages and the cost of living have been moving in opposite directions. Wages aren’t keeping up with inflation, and that’s not taking things like health insurance costs into consideration. In fact, since 2010 the average hiring wage for workers has continuously gone down, and many professionals have been forced into lower-paying jobs. Add in the mortgage crisis and healthcare costs, and many of us have found ourselves in dire need of downsizing our lives.

Downsizing is tough. While it seems easy for many to adjust from rags to riches, riches to rags is a humbling experience. Keep your head held high and take the time to learn and apply the practical adjustments below. Adaptability is how the strong survive.

Trade in that Lease and Go Used

Trading in your leased vehicle for a used car is one of the wisest ways to ditch a major gratuitous expense. Status and comfort are nice, but so is financial (Read More….)

3 Ways to Wisely Invest Small Amounts of Money

Even small amounts of money can show substantial growth when invested wisely. Small amounts of money also have the added benefit of allowing an investor to be riskier with their investments in the hopes of larger returns. There are many great ways to invest small amounts of money, especially today.

1. Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are stocks in extremely small businesses, so named because the stock prices are very cheap. Investors buy penny stocks in the hopes that the business will either grow dramatically or be purchased by another, larger corporation. Penny stocks are a challenge to an investor because the majority of small businesses will not grow, or will even go out of business. Penny stocks are a high-risk, high return, investment, which makes them perfect for investors that are looking to invest a small amount of money in hopes of a larger return.

2. Foreign Exchange

The foreign exchange market allows trades that are as low as just a few cents, and mini accounts will let traders (Read More….)

Should You Invest in Gold?

Given global economic uncertainties, many investors are considering investing in gold as a store of value and hedge to inflation. Historically, gold has performed well during periods of high inflation, since the supply of gold increases only modestly each year from mining activity, whereas paper currencies can be inflated by central banks at will.

The History of Gold as Money

Gold has been used as money for at least 5,000 years, due to being rare, durable, divisible, and fungible. With its unique physical properties, gold is universally recognized as money, and therefore can be taken across borders to be exchanged for a local currency with ease. Though silver shares many characteristics with gold and also historically has been considered a monetary and precious metal, gold is more practical for central banks to store, since its value is about 55 times greater per ounce. Gold requires significantly less space than silver for storage and is easier to transport.

Gold As a Hedge to Inflation

Since the collapse of American and European real estate markets in 2008, Western central banks have been printing massive amounts of money to keep asset prices (Read More….)