Grateful People Are Happy People

by MN Gordon Economic Prism

Searching for ordinary ideals of Americana is like looking for consistency in the Internal Revenue Service’s tax code. It’s virtually nonexistent. The stimulating conviction of one American vastly differs from that of another.

One may celebrate adventures in mysticisms. Another may find inspiration from the bleacher seats of a college football game. While a third struggles to free himself of the orthodox hobgoblins that suffocate his soul.

In the more reputable papers, the story of the national struggle is told with feeble symmetry. The news seems to be reported from the position that the two party political system filters out any ideas to the contrary. We’re told a Marxian tale of the evil rich exploiting the noble poor. Even worse, we’re led to believe that buffoons like Ben Bernanke know exactly what the heck they’re doing.

We find this (

Why Are So Many Americans Turning To Bible-Based Programs To Get Out Of Debt?

Getting out of debt has become one of the biggest financial trends in the United States.  The reality is that the American people have piled up a gigantic mountain of debt over the last several decades, and now millions are waking up and want out of the debt trap.  Christian debt-elimination programs, which use the Bible as a framework to encourage financial responsibility, are surging in popularity across the United States.  So why are so many Americans turning to an old book for advice about how to get out of debt in a financial world that is very modern and very complicated?

Well, it turns out that the financial principles found in the Scriptures are very applicable to today.  For example, Dave (Read More….)

The Bible: Your PDF to Lasting Wealth

The Bible: Your PDF to Lasting Wealth

by Miss LaVonne Washington

Money, Money, Monnn-eeeey is as the old song goes, and who does not want to take a bite from the MONEY PIE? The answer is quite simple. We ALL do. Many of us are working more than one job, and yes for SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME. So is it just for fun or for the love of money. Yes and No. Many people have enormous fun at work and love the job they are doing. However, there are the other half of the lower and middle working class society, who are laboring tirelessly, because the BILLS keep piling up higher and higher. So many find they either willingly or are forced to work overtime or multiple jobs amidst blood, sweat, and tears. We call it doing DOUBLE DUTY and all for that green stuff — MONEY! Many, who as you might say are nickeling and dimming it, are still barely scraping by. So why is MONEY such a valuable commodity, and is there a DEBT SOLUTION?

First, let me begin by saying what monies function (Read More….)