Are Healthy Foods Affordable?

Eating healthily is something that many people wish to do. However, for various reasons, they never manage to do so. One of the most common reasons for failure is a tight financial situation. Maintaining a healthy diet is regarded as more expensive than maintaining an unhealthy diet.

However, the problem may have more to do with relative convenience than money. Fast food is instant.  While it is true that it is also usually inexpensive, healthy food, too, can be made affordable. As we shall see, it is even possible to eat relatively healthily in fast food restaurants.

A Healthy Diet Can Be Inexpensive

It is possible to eat a healthy diet while maintaining a healthy bank balance. The individual who is conscious of health and prudent with finances is able to spend no more than two dollars per food item, and that food item can still be very healthy.

Those who are health-conscious can eat foods high in fiber like potatoes and beans. These foods are also high in potassium. Moreover, that individual is able to purchase five bananas at a healthy convenience store such as Trader Joe’s for less than one dollar.  Each banana will supply almost five hundred milligrams of potassium.

Other food items that can be purchased cheaply are whole grains and vegetables. Such a purchase could include a one-pound bag of brown rice. This can be had for about $1.80. The rice will provide at least nine servings. It may even stretch through twelve depending on how large a side serving is prepared. These servings would definitely work out to less than twenty cents a serving in either case. The calories provided would equal about 165-175, and there would also be two grams of fiber and four grams of protein per serving.

Similarly, healthy pasta dishes may be found for less than two dollars at a price per serving of fewer than 25 cents while providing 195 calories. Likewise, whole-wheat bread, nonfat Greek yogurt, old-fashioned oats, frozen vegetables, Russet potatoes, fresh bagged spinach, canned refried beans, whole wheat pita bread, soya beans and dried lentils are all also available for less than two dollars and are all also healthy options.

Healthy Eating in a Fast Food Restaurant

One of the reasons that fast food restaurants possess a reputation for being unhealthy is that the customers do not invest much time and energy distinguishing a healthy meal from an unhealthy one. Of course, there is a lot of junk food served in fast food outlets. However, it is possible to eat and drink relatively healthily at a fast food restaurant provided the customer expresses the right interest.

A typical burger chain is a prime candidate for a health makeover. The customer could buy a regular hamburger and order it without mayonnaise, sauces, cheese or bacon. Likewise, a grilled chicken sandwich should be ordered without mayonnaise, and one must refrain from fried foods outright. A baked potato could be ordered without butter. An apple could be ordered without caramel sauce. Salads can be ordered with low calorie dressing. Meanwhile, for customers who like sandwich chains, low-fat cheese sandwiches such as Swiss or Mozzarella can be ordered. Lean meat sandwiches, like chicken breast instead of high-fat sandwiches like tuna, are also preferable.

When blessed with an interest in creativity and armed with a little nutrition knowledge, any person willing to take the time to invest in a healthy lifestyle can do so affordably.


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