4 Ways to Save on Parties for the Upcoming Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching. Are you planing on having a party? How does your budget look? We bet it is tight like most Americans and money saving measures are in order. Even though the Holidays can be an expensive time of the year, they need not be.

If you are trying to save money while also entertaining here’s a few tips that you can use to keep your budget in line. See our top four tips below.


1. While you are planning your party, reduce the number of guests you invite. A smaller, more intimate party is easier on the budget and can be more fun because you can interact with everyone more. Fewer guests means you save on food, beverages and party favors (Bonus tip: save even more money by skipping party favors all together!)

2. Reduce the amount of food that you plan to serve. There doesn’t need to be four different dips when one will work just fine. Often times people set out large bowls of chips, fruit or vegetables that go stale or bad after sitting out for a short while. All that food is thrown away and becomes a waste of money. Reduce the amount of food you set out at a time. Put food out in shifts rather than all at once. You’ll find that you go through less food, which saves you money.

Reuse and Re-Purpose.

3. While planning the decorations for your party, look around your house for items that can be reused. Do you have a planter that can be covered in holiday themed paper? Maybe a vase from the bedroom can be reused downstairs to hold inexpensive flowers. Family picture frames can be swapped out with holiday greeting cards or wrapping paper to decorate the walls. If kids will be in attendance, have some draw pictures to match your theme before hand and hang them in the frames instead. (Bonus Tip: If you want to hand something to your guests as they leave, have them pick their favorite piece of artwork and let them take it home!)


4. Another way to save on your entertaining budget is to rethink the purpose of your party. Rather than hosting a gift giving party in December that could get expensive for everyone, consider hosting a party that requests donations. Ask your guests to gather up canned goods from their pantries for the local food bank, then serve a meal on an extremely tight budget to show how difficult it is for needy families. Ask your guests to make further donations.

While you are at it, rethink how you want to deal with food. Consider a potluck for Thanksgiving. Ask your guests to bring their favorite side dish or dessert while you supply the turkey and beverages. If everyone provides you with the recipe as well, offer to email them to your guests so everyone can add the new items to their menu at home.

Entertaining on a budget can be done without sacrificing the quality of your party. Use these tips to ensure a successful and budget-friendly good time.

Guest post by Missy who writes about insurance and personal finance on her insurance website: http://www.fullcoverageautoinsurances.com.

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