3 Ways To Save Money Buying Clothes

Clothes are a part of many families’ monthly budget, along with food, utilities and other expenses. However, clothes can become one of the most expensive bills for a family. To remedy this, many people are doing their clothes shopping at outlet stores, salvation armies and thrift stores. However, you do not have to do this to save money on clothes. Consider these three tips to help you save money on your clothes.

1. Buy online

Sometimes, you can find great deals on clothes by buying online. This is especially true for people who live in an area that does not have many great clothes stores. For example, you may have a clothes store that sells great looking clothes, but they are too expensive to purchase. You can probably find those same clothes in an online clothes store for half the price.

This tip is great for people who need to purchase clothes for various activities. For example, if you play basketball or golf, you may have a hard time finding great basketball clothes or great golf clothes in stores. Therefore, you would need to purchase these clothes online.

Additionally, you can save gas money by buying online. Most people drive more than 30 minutes to get to a mall that has decent clothes stores. Save the gas money and buy online.

2. Use coupons

Most people associate coupons with food items, but there are many coupons for different clothing stores, such as Aeropostale, American Eagle, Buckle, Victoria’s Secret and other clothing stores. Most people obtain these coupons during an in-store purchase, but you can also receive them by signing up for a monthly or weekly newsletter from each clothing store. Additionally, some clothing stores have loyalty card programs in which you can enroll.

You can also obtain redemption codes for online purchases. These are usually included within each email newsletter from the clothing company.

3. Wait for in-store sales

Many clothing stores have sales throughout the year. You do not need to wait for Holidays to come around before you shop for clothes. Search for stores that have great deals at the moment. Some stores have in-store discounts every week. Aeropostale is one store that always has special sales or discounts on clothing.

You should also look for stores that have a clearance section. Most of the time, the clothes on clearance are in perfect condition. The store manager is simply making room for new merchandise by putting the old merchandise on clearance. 

You don’t have to settle for less than great when there are many ways you can save money on top-quality clothing. You just have to be a little creative and patient.

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1 comment to 3 Ways To Save Money Buying Clothes

  • Amanda

    Great tips! Turn your jeans inside out and wash/rinse them in cold water on the delicate cycle. Hot water causes the dye to fade and normal washing will loosen the fabric, leading to premature fraying and/or holes. This will extend the life of them and in turn save you money!

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