Spending Cleanse 2013

So it has come to this.

June Goals

1. No one needs any clothes. We just don’t. We’re good.
2. Tchotcke, extra “stuff” purchases of any kind are a no-no.
3. I will get my internet bill down. Oh yes. . . I will.
4. Entertainment purchases/expenses for this month are completely banned.
5. Eating out is also completely banned with a couple very slight, pre-planned outings.
6. The purchasing of extra, unneccessary and always unhealthy foodstuffs at the grocery store are also against the code.
7. Lowe’s & Home Depot trips: grounded.
8. No Chinese for me.

Can we talk about what I’ve learned through all this? Again?

-I’ve learned that shopping was actually a hobby for me. And I missed it when I first cut myself off. And on that note,

-I’ve learned that in my attempt to completely organize and declutter my house, coupled with curbing excessive spending, is that my past need to purchase and collect “stuff” is absolutely counterproductive to organizing a home. Not purchasing “stuff” and keeping a home organized are 100% connected. Read more of this fantastic post at (Read More….)

How A Bridging Loan Will Help You In The Long Term

At one point in time, you might be faced with financial difficulties and the only way out is by getting a loan that will ultimately help in solving your financial problems. One such type of loan is a bridging loan that is usually a type of loan that will help you to take care of your urgent financial needs. In most cases, a bridging loan is usually taken for a period not exceeding 12 months. Therefore, if you’re in a situation where you cannot benefit from a long term loan, a bridging loan would come in handy. Even though there would be no need to provide a proof of your credit worthiness, you are always required to provide some form of security.

If you happen not to be conversant with this type of loan, it would be prudent not to allow yourself to fall prey to some misconception or hearsay that is fuelled by other people. This is because you will often find that these people do not fully understand what a bridging loan is all about and how it works. Even though this loan is usually provided on a short term basis, it can also help you to solve long term needs. This is because it will allow you to solve those short term problems which will help you to (Read More….)

How Investing In Scrap Gold Can Help You Save Money

Gold is among the most popular and precious metals known by many people all over the world. Most people want to wear fancy gold jewelleries and accessories. There are many ornamental products that are manufactured with this wonderful metal. Such items are referred to scrap gold. These products include old watches, coins, broken jewellery, wires and nuggets. Gold in these items can easily be recovered and restored. For a long time, many people were unaware about selling scrap gold. The price of this precious metal has increased every month.

Selling gold when the price is high can be very profitable. Many things come to your mind when you think about selling your gold. You will think about places where you can sell it and get a good profit. Most people are not aware about the price of gold even when it is out of fashion or broken. It is important to know that the price of gold has been increasing and most people are now buying scrap gold. This gives them a chance to make more profits. Even when the prices are going down you can still sell your gold at a better price. You can sell your gold and buy (Read More….)

How You Can Create an Emergency Fund

Household budgeting can be intimidating, mainly because people envision having to create a giant spreadsheet and track every penny they spend. It’s easier to think of budgeting as planning, with at least a general idea of your fixed expenses and how much you typically need for unexpected expenses monthly, along with what you’d like to be able to spend on discretionary purchases. You’ve heard it before from the experts: a vital part of your household budget2 is an emergency fund. By having a basic understanding of your income and outgo, you can begin to set aside money to build that fund.

Start With an Emergency Fund

An emergency fund is a savings account that typically consists of three to six months’ worth of fixed expenses, money that you can use in the event of a job demotion or loss, a big medical expense or an unexpected repair whose cost exceeds what you can pull from your checking account. In a recovering economy, it can be tough to think about setting aside enough for an emergency fund, and if you don’t have the funding (Read More….)

How Gold Storage Works

Gold is the ultimate value of any currency capital. Governments, companies and individuals leverage on gold for their capital and liquid cash investments against possible financial collapses and currency crushes. In the yesteryears gold used to be an exclusive preserve of the few “haves” but nowadays the proliferation of knowledge has opened up many doorways for ordinary people to invest in gold.

Picture Credit- Royal Canadian Mint On Amazon

Ordinary people can invest in gold. Even though many doorways have been opened to enable people to access this precious metal, gold is still a closely guarded metal. Some countries have opted for gold as their currency for making international payments. Various economies around the globe are well known in gold production and exportation. No (Read More….)

Overloaded with Debt and No Jobs to Be Had

By MN Gordon Economic Prism

The Federal Open Market Committee met on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The masses waited with anticipation.  What did they talk about?

Generally, they talked about price controls.  More exactly, they talked about controlling the price of the economy’s most important and fundamental element…its money.  By controlling the price of money they can influence the price of every single good and service there is.

Some believe this is for the good of the people.  That it will somehow boost consumption and stimulate demand.  That it will create a new hiring boom.  We have our reservations.

When it comes to the Fed, they believe – or at least pretend to believe – that with just the right policy mix the economy will be restored to glory.  But what’s the right mix…and how can a handful of bureaucrats with a handful of charts ever know what it is?

After several days of belaboring (

Hulu Or Netflix: Which One Is More Worth Your Dollars?

Most consumers used to just sign up for cable without thinking about the alternatives, but the era of cable bundles may be coming to an end soon. Many people are finding that they would rather watch television online using their mobile devices as well as their gaming consoles and computers for a flat-rate that is much lower than cable.

Netflix currently has about ten times as many subscribers as Hulu, but their service has also been around much longer. Netflix has pledged to spend five billion dollars on acquiring new content throughout the next five years. They will be focusing on acquiring all of the most popular movies and television shows.

Hulu is owned by ABC, NBC and FOX. They currently offer customers the current season of shows from these networks for streaming. In addition to their large selection of television offerings, Hulu is currently experimenting with the addition of movie titles.

Accessibility and Content

Hulu and Netflix can both be streamed on many different devices, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and Blu-Ray players. They both allow customers to stream (Read More….)

Five Budgeting Tips to Help Save For Your Vacation

Many families take a vacation as a reward for working hard and making it through the preceding months. Vacations create unique memories that everyone will share for years to come. Coming up with the money for a trip is not always easy. There are five budgeting tips that any family can use when saving for a vacation.

5. Create A Savings Account

Creating a separate savings account for vacation money will help in a number of ways. It allows families to see the actual amount of money saved without having to deduct current expenses. A separate account also makes it harder to access the savings. This reduces the chances that it will be used for an impulse purchase. A dedicated savings account is useful because it is safe and separate from the main accounts used every day. Fees or other charges on a checking account will not affect the vacation savings.

4. Temporarily Eliminate Extras

A vacation is a time to relax and to have fun. One way to save money for a trip is to reduce the extra services in a home temporarily. Sacrificing a little entertainment or fun while saving will make the vacation much more (Read More….)