Mending Your Broken Credit Heart, Post-ID Theft

Identity theft is on the rise. There were roughly 12 million new identity theft victims in the U.S. last year, according to the Javelin Strategy & Research 2013 identity theft report, and that number is up for the second straight year. That works out to one new victim every three seconds, and if you or someone you love was one of them, you need to take measures to repair your credit.

File a Police Report

When you learn your information has been stolen, go to the police and make a formal report of identity theft, even if you’ve already contacted your creditors. According to the North Carolina Department of Justice, a police report gives you protections under federal and state laws and helps assure your creditors you are not committing fraud, since the report is considered your sworn testimony that a theft occurred. It also provides you with a security freeze on your accounts.

File the report with the police department where the crime took place or your local police department, if that (Read More….)

Long-distance Business Travel and Crisis Preparedness

Guest Post- J. Vanne

I don’t know what the future holds. Nor, in reality, do the elite in Washington, Brussels or Beijing.  Despite the hubris of the planners, the law of unintended consequences, as well as just “plain ol”  human error and ineptitude, will never allow man to create utopia, any more than a man can pull on his own bootstraps and lift himself up to Heaven.  We may be fortunate enough to see a renaissance in the West, much like what Reagan and Thatcher brought to light.  However, there are other indicators that do not bode well: For example, you may wish to review Reinhart and Rogarth’s book This Time is Different:  Eight Centuries of Financial Folly, on the utterly crushing nature of what out-of control debt can do to an economy and society that allowed it.  Or perhaps google work by Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston University, who has noted that if all unfunded liabilities in the U.S. were totalled, we are looking at not $16 trillion-ish reddish ink (now up to $17 trillion since I first began drafting this!), but actually $222 trillion. Do (Read More….)

Didnt Save for a Rainy Day? 3 Ways to Get out of a Financial Bind

Guest Post- Dixie S

Practically everyone knows that they’re supposed to put away money for a rainy day. In fact, having a substantial emergency fund is one of the keys to financial security. For many people who are recovering from a big financial setback or who are just starting out their independent lives, a rainy day fund is more of a goal than a reality. This means that when they get hit with a disaster, they will scramble to find a way to pay the bills. If this sounds like you, try the following three tips to get out of your financial bind.

Increase your income

The best way to get the money to pay for something is to earn it. Look for a part-time job that you can do around your full-time work schedule. Many bars, restaurants, and retail stores look for weekend and night-time help, and working a lot of hours will help you keep your expenses down. You may also want to consider offering your services as a babysitter, lawn mower, handyman, or even opening an online store to sell (Read More….)

Death of the Consumer

by MN Gordon Economic Prism

Something peculiar is going on.  One data point says the economy’s improving.  Another says it’s floundering.

Nonetheless, we strive to connect the dots and draw inferences as we go.  For example, according to data released Tuesday, manufacturing and construction spending is on the rise…

“Stronger-than-expected data on U.S. manufacturing and construction spending on Tuesday hinted the world’s biggest economy was gaining traction,” reported Reuters.

“The U.S. manufacturing sector grew last month at its fastest pace in more than two years, with the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) index of national factory activity rising to 55.7 in August from 55.4 the prior month.

“That comfortably beat expectations for 54, with the index at its highest since June 2011.

“A reading above 50 indicates expansion in (

5 Things to do Before Moving into Your First Family Home

When a couple moves into their first family home, they want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. As such, here are five things every potential homeowner should do before moving into their first family home.

Secure A Great Mortgage

Every applicant has a certain style of mortgage that is right for them. For instance, veterans can take advantage of A VA hybrid loan, or can research a VA hybrid review to see if this type of loan is right for them. Many first time home buyers take advantage of mortgages that (Read More….)

The Joy of Going for Broke

By MN Gordon, Economic Prism

One of the fabulous familiarities of living in a fading society is that not a day goes by where something utterly flabbergasting doesn’t occur.  We don’t like it, of course.  But who are we to stand in the way of it.

Naturally there’s nothing we can do about it…except enjoy it as best we can.  Here’s what we mean…

The U.S. federal government has run up $16.8 trillion in debt.  Pencil in household, business, state, and local government debts and you get $59.6 trillion.  You’d think by now something would’ve given way.

No doubt, many things have and are giving way – like Detroit.  Still, as John Maynard Keynes, the messiah of deficit spending once remarked, “There’s a lot of ruin” in a nation.

The ruin, of course, can be enraging…if you let it be.  However, we recommend against that.  Rather, we recommend you find entertainment in it.

Feeding the Caribbean with Food Stamps

For example, as we just noted, (

Your Summer Tax Increase

by MN Gordon Economic Prism

Oil prices are holding above $106 per barrel.  What gives?  Wasn’t all the oil fracking supposed to increase production and decrease price?

So far, part of this equation has come to be.  In fact, the Energy Information Administration’s weekly report, for the week ending July 5, shows the U.S. produced 7.4 million barrels per day.  That’s up 18.4 percent from just one year ago.  What’s more, it’s the highest level for U.S. domestic oil production in over 21 years.

So even though the price of oil remains stubbornly high, the combination of increased domestic production and increased energy efficiency is having many positive benefits for the country…

“The increase of oil production in the U.S. is reversely driving down the amount of foreign oil the country is importing from OPEC countries because the fuel is less needed,” explains (Read More….)

Do Not Try This At Home: 5 Necessary Home Repairs You Cant Do Alone

When it comes to do-it-yourself projects, there are many tasks homeowners can complete on their own. However, there are certain few that require the services of a professional. While trying to save time and money, attempting home repairs can make a bad situation worse. Keep these repairs in mind.

Gas Appliances

Many of today’s homes have gas appliances like stoves, water heaters, and clothes dryers. When things go wrong, many people make the mistake of thinking they can move out old appliances and easily replace them. However, accidents occur when homeowners fail to properly hook up gas appliances, resulting in gas leaks. Leaks are fatal due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Roofing Repairs

When up on a roof, there is a danger of falling off and injury, one slip can be fatal. Roofing can be very complex work, and making sure it is installed right should be left to the capable hands of a professional. Do-it-yourself roofing projects, when done haphazardly, can result in extensive water damage from the (Read More….)